Chapter 38

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I walked in and immediately tripped and fell face flat onto the floor...

"Excuse me, I don't think you're suppose to be here sweetheart... This isn't a playground...", I heard a voice that I missed so much say.

"Sorry, I thought this was the set for the new movie I'm a part of...", I said smiling sadly and getting up, crying.

Helena took a look at me and started crying loudly as she hugged me tightly caressing my hair in the process. I hugged her tightly and she cried into my shoulder as I stared at the director who ran over to me and Helena pulled away wiping her tears. The director picked me up while hugging me and I laughed.

All the stars and co-stars came running and hugging me... All except Johnny who wasn't even there...

Later that day, the director made me put extensions on and color my hair blonde for the movie. I obeyed and walked into the makeup room where I was once again transformed.

I then walked into my dressing room where I sat in the chair and realized that someone was sitting there previously.

"Eleanor?! Is it you my dear?", I heard a low raspy voice say, a voice I didn't want to hear...

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