Chapter 54

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"Eleanor? What's wrong? You've been crying!", he said hugging me tightly.

He closed the door after I walked into the house and he took me to his more 'secret' office where he liked to read or write...

"What's wrong?", he asked.

"My life...", I said.

"What?", he asked staring down at me.

"Everything... Ever since I met Johnny Depp life has been a total mess... I've had panic attacks and I've fainted countless times! All because of him... I fell for him and I loved him and now, the result? I'm pregnant... And it wasn't even planned!", I said and his eyes grew wide.

"Y-you're pregnant?", he stuttered.

"Yeah...", I whispered rubbing my stomach.

"It's not actually official yet... But I do have a feeling I am...", I said.

"What do you mean it wasn't planned? You're not a teenager anymore Eleanor...", he said.

"I didn't want to be carrying a child... Especially not his! We were at a hotel and... I fainted... Not because of the pregnancy, but because I saw him with another girl... I felt dizzy and I fainted and then I was taken to bed and I was left there to sleep...", I said.

"Continue...", my dad said.

"I suddenly heard the door to my room open revealing Johnny who walked in and over to my bed... He sat on my bed and stared at me for a while before kissing me and I tried to push him off but he was too strong... Eventually, he stepped out of all his cloths and made me step out of all mine... And then... It all happened... So fast...", I said in tears.

I could tell my father was furious by his facial expression...

"He keeps leaving me all alone to battle out with life... I just... I don't know...", I said.

"I'm just really happy I found you again... I love you dad... You've always loved me and cared for me and strived to give me a better life... And you did... And I thank you... For everything...", I said hugging him tightly.

"I love you Eleanor... My little girl...", he whispered hugging me back.

The next morning, my dad took me to see the doctors to check if I was really pregnant and if so, if the baby was healthy and if there were any complications...

"Well, here are the results... May I ask you a question Ms. Adams?", the doctor asked.

"Yes...", I said.

"Was this 'pregnancy' planned?", he asked.

"No...", I whispered.

"Ok... Good... I think you'll be satisfied with the results then...", he said with relief.

"You're not pregnant...", my dad said staring at the papers in his hands.

"But... H-how?", I asked looking over at the doctor.

"Well, that question is for you to answer...", he said.

"Why did my stomach hurt when I was stressing then?", I asked.

"What part of your stomach was hurting? Lower?", he asked.

"Yeah, lower part of my stomach...", I said.

He chuckled...

"It sometimes just happens to women... The lower part of their stomach starts hurting... You shouldn't jump to the conclusion you're pregnant though!", he said.

"Have you had morning sickness?", he asked.

"No...", I said.

"Well then there you go! You're officially not pregnant!", he said.

I sighed in relief... It felt incredible!

"Thank you doctor... Goodbye!", I said.

"Goodbye!", he said walking off.

I was really happy I wasn't pregnant with Johnny's child...

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