Chapter 31

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Can it be? Is he really over me? Is this good or bad, will the ghosts finally stop haunting?

I sat there pondering... Maybe its better if I just stay away from men... Stay away from Marco... Stay away from Alexander... Stay away from Johnny!

I walked back into the building and heard whispering behind the wall of posters. I peeked and saw Johnny with Adeline... He was playing with her hair as she giggled.

I felt myself fall on the ground. Helena screamed and ran over to me along with all the others... I saw their mouths moving, but I couldn't here them... My ears were ringing loudly and I felt like I didn't exist... I stared at them, lost as they tried to help me...

Helena tried to help as she cried... Adeline stared down at me, petrified...

Everything in front of me became blurry and was soon all white. I couldn't see a single person, just a bright light... I was fully conscious though, so I knew I wasn't dying or anything like that.

I woke up still feeling weird as I saw everyone standing beside me as I lay on a table. I suddenly felt warm lips on my forehead, it was Johnny...

All the things I saw him do with Adeline suddenly flooded my system before I jumped up and started screaming from the top of my lungs. Helena immediately stood up and tried to calm me down... My stomach ached and I held onto it as she stroked my hair... What was happening to me?

My eyes flooded with tears as they ran down my cheeks like waterfalls. I completely lost my marbles! I looked around me and Adeline was still shocked as she suddenly wrapped her arms around Johnny.

My eyes closed as my head turned to the side, facing Johnny who hugged Adeline and kissed her forehead...

"I met a man... Said he would love me so... I met a man... He gave me his heart...", I started singing and Helena stared down at me frowning with confusion.

Johnny stared at me, his eyes partly wide as he stared at me hugging Adeline tighter as she stroked his hair playfully.

"I gave him my heart... He took it and... Without regret...", I stopped for a moment, snapping my eyes open causing Adeline to jump as she stared at me.

"HE RIPPED IT TO PIECES!!!", I yelled as Helena calmed me down.

I managed to control myself from clawing Johnny and tearing him to shreds...

"But I loved this man...", I continued.

"I will love him till the end of time...", I whispered before I cried hard.

Johnny stared down at me sadly before resting his chin on Adeline's head. She smiled as she held his hands.

I blacked out immediately...

I woke up but my eyes remained closed as I heard Johnny speak to Helena.

"It's about Adeline... She's...", Johnny started.

She's dead?

"She's with child...", he said.

She's pregnant!? How? Why!?

I heard Helena gasp as she collapsed into her seat...

"Johnny how could you do that!?", she whispered angrily at him.

"I... I...", he tried to say something but walked out of the building.

I slept like a baby until I woke up the next morning, I was back to normal again...

I stood up and found myself somehow in my dressing room. I looked through the closet of the dressing room for a random outfit to wear since my corset was really tight and painful.

I pulled out a short top with some denim shorts, really short shorts... Along with some open white heels... I hate this kind of cloths!

My hair was down so I left it that way...

I walked out and Helena stared at me with a smile on her face as she stood up and walked over to me.

"What an outfit you got there love... It's beautiful...", she said.

I smiled sadly and ran out the building... Today was a free day... We didn't have to film!

I sat on the bench in front of the building as I stared up at the sky, I suddenly heard giggling...

I peered from behind the wall so Adeline wouldn't notice me...

She was laughing with a guy who was touching her stomach. Who is this guy!? What about Johnny!?

I watched in horror as the guy kissed Adeline hard and she played with his hair...

I placed my hand over my mouth as I felt someone push me against the wall... Johnny!

"What do you think you're doing!? Let me go!!!", I yelled as be placed his finger over my mouth causing me to silence myself.

He looked me up and down before a ghost of a smile appeared on his face. I felt his breath on my neck as he slowly placed a trail of kisses along my neck pinning my hands. I breathed hard as I felt his warm lips on mine. He kissed me before deepening the kiss... He French kissed me just as he did before, was he beginning to have feelings for me again? What about the baby?

I managed to somehow push him away as I ran into the building. He ran in after me and pushed me against the wall. He placed a hand just beside my head on the wall as our lips crushed together in a deadly kiss.

"Johnny!?", I heard Helena yell as she grabbed him harshly and pushed him away, hugging me as I cried.

He looked at me, his eyes burning...

"Go back to Adeline if you're craving for kisses! This girl, you won't touch!!!", she yelled.

I loved Helena just like I loved my own mother... She was so protective and gentle with such a kind heart, a heart of pure gold...

Johnny ran off and I closed my eyes relaxing against the wall... Maybe it was time to make a few real changes to myself... Put some real attitude in me!

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