Chapter 69

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Before our lips could touch, I smirked and pushed him onto the floor before jumping onto him. We both laughed as we rolled across the carpeted floor towards the front door before stopping. Johnny was now on top of me. I stared up at him and we were both breathless. He was pinning my arms above my head by my wrists. His free hand was now on my hipbone and I shuddered visibly. I started giggling earning a smirk from Johnny. My breath suddenly got caught in my throat as he teasingly brushed his lips across my naked shoulder. He slowly started to molest my neck with his tongue and teeth earning a soft moan from me. I could feel his lips form into a slight smirk against my skin as he sucked on my collarbone. I uselessly struggled against his grip on my wrists and he stopped kissing my skin to look up at me.

"Are you going to fight me, Eleanor?"

"I shouldn't be letting you do this. You can be a bit of a careless bastard sometimes. I shouldn't be giving into your satisfactions and need for friction.", I whispered.

Johnny glared up at me intensely with lust visible in his eyes.

"Oh? But I need no permission, you see; I know you want this...", he teased.

"Oh really? And how do you know that?", I mocked.

"Because you moaned."

"That does not mean a thing!", I groaned frustratedly.

He smirked for the thousandth time before teasing my collarbones again. My chest was heaving and my body begged for more. God he's such a good kisser! I thought.

"Let me go! You can't have all the fun!", my words came out slurred.

He just chuckled before carelessly slipping the buttons open on my dress. I gasped at the sudden development before thrashing wildly.

"Johnny, I'm serious. Let me go."

A little surprised by my sudden outburst dripping agitation and annoyance, he obliged. I slowly stood up, buttoning up my dress;

"You are very friendly, Mr. Depp. Not only that, but you are kind, good-looking, down-to-earth and successful. But I have no intention of being your lover, I am sorry. I know I've disappointed you. But I disappoint everyone, right? That's nothing new.", I said sadly before walking away.

I turned back and watched him once I was in his room from the doorway. He sighed in disappointment before standing up and burying his face in his hands. Had I really disappointed him that much? He shouldn't be so upset. On the other hand, he deserved it. What goes round comes round, after all. I walked over to him before grabbing a cigarette and lighting it. Placing it in between my lips, I stared down at him in curiosity; not that he cared to look up at me back. I took a long drag from the cigarette before exhaling the intoxicating smoke.

"I'm sure at least one of your "mistresses" are available tonight. Or even Gabriella, at that."

Only then did he look up at me.


"Oh, I see. So you do have some interest in her after all, Mr. Depp. Besides, no one else is available for sex tonight other than her. Actually, she's always available for sex. Every night.", I replied, taking another drag ignorantly.

He sneered at my comment.

"I know that. Everyone does. She's a fucking whore."

Then there came a knock at the door and we both stared at it for a brief moment, in silence. Did we want to open it? That depended. On what? Who was on the other side of it.

"Oh look, one of your whores is already here! Just in time. I thought you were going to explode of lust for a moment.", I laughed.

"It's not funny.", Johnny growled in response.

I just continued giggling and snorting. Of course, at that moment, I was drunk. I had no control over anything anymore. Not even my choice of words. It was a challenge putting a bloody simple sentence together.

"Who is it?", I asked once I was in front of the door with my hand on the knob and the cigarette in my mouth.

"It's me, Gabriella. I have come to check up on you."

"Wait, on who specifically? Me or Johnny?"

"On the both of you, if you don't mind. Please open the door.", Gabriella pleaded.

Opening the door, I jumped a little when Gabriella pulled me into a tight hug. I quickly pushed the woman away from me before looking back at Johnny who stared at Gabriella.

"Do not mind her, she's drunk.", he informed her, referring to me.

"Drunk? Eleanor, I didn't know you drink!"

I narrowed my eyes at her before rolling them as I walked over to Johnny and snatched the packet of cigarettes from his hand.

"Do you mind if I join you, Johnny?", Gabriella seduced.

They both turned to glare at me when I snorted in response. Johnny raised an eyebrow before speaking up;

"Yes. You may join me."

"Well, at least now you'll have some company in bed!", I laughed.

Gabriella gasped and Johnny pinched the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb. I took a long drag of the cigarette in my lips before exhaling the smoke as I stared at the two.

"That is not what I meant, dear child.", Gabriella replied surprisedly.

I gave her a long intense glare.

"Bullshit!", I denied.

Johnny eyed me curiously and Gabriella panicked when I stumbled and collapsed down onto the floor. I struggled to keep my eyes open and I felt strong arms carrying me across the room towards my bedroom.

"You'll be ok in the morning, I promise. For now, just get some sleep. It's just the wine; you've had a bit too much. Looks like it's over the toilet tomorrow morning.", Depp chuckled.

"Fuck off!"

I suddenly felt my throat enclose almost painfully and covered my mouth with my hand before getting up and running towards the bathroom. Once I was in there, I hovered over the toilet and let everything out. When I had nothing else to puke out, I began puking out stomach acid which burnt my throat painfully. I struggled to hold my hair out when suddenly I felt someone pull all the strands and hold them in one place. Johnny slowly helped me up a minute later before watching me brush my teeth and get ready for bed. He carried me over to his bedroom and laid me down on his king sized bed. I had fallen asleep when he waved goodbye to Gabriella and held onto me as I slept in his arms, my head on his chest.

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