Chapter 60

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I pulled away from Alexander and stared up at him...

"Do you remember when we were teenagers and used to come here, sit under these trees, watching Johnny run after us as we escaped reality together...", he whispered causing me to smile.

"I remember... Those were free times, times of pure freedom... Yet, I do not feel as though I remember Johnny chasing us...", I whispered, sighing.

"We still have a chance to be free... Just as we were those 4 years ago...", he whispered.

"You think so?", I asked with a wide smile.

"No... I know so...", he smiled.

I hugged him tightly before whispering in his ear...

"Being here with you already gives me freedom... I missed you dearly... And college... I miss my normal life...", I whispered.

"I promise you that when this movie is done being filmed, you and I shall once again be free... I promise...", he whispered.

"Alexander, that is a big promise... I-"

"Yes, but I will keep it...", he cut me off.

"Do you promise?", I whispered, cupping his face with my hands.

"I promise...", he whispered.

I leaned in, kissing him sweetly in the light rain...

I pulled away before waving him off as I made my way back to the building... Suddenly, I was pinned against a tree by strong hands...

"Why are you with him again?", I heard a deep voice ask.

"Mr. Depp, please... Let me go!", I said.

"Not until you tell me why you are with that lying, cheating, idiotic bastard!", he said a little louder.

"Excuse me! He is a very fine man and a loving person! You do not know him...", I said softly.

"No, you do not know him! I do!", he yelled furiously.

"Why are you so hateful towards me?", I whispered, softly crying.

"Because I have to be in order to keep you safe!", he yelled.

"Keep me safe?", I whispered, sobbing.

"Eleanor, my dear... You are immature, stupid and ridiculous when it comes to love! And then when your heart is broken your solution is to throw yourself off a cliff and into God's hands!", he yelled.

"Throw myself off a cliff? I would never commit such a sin!", I said.

"Why are you with him?!", he yelled louder.

I dared not to utter a word...

"Eleanor, answer me!", he yelled.

"Why should I?!", I yelled back.

Before he could speak, I escaped his grip and turned us over so that I was the one pinning him against the tree...

"Just leave me be... I do not ask of you the task you have placed upon yourself to protect me... Do not waste your energy on me... It is pointless...", I whispered, letting him go.

I ran past the tree towards the cliff...

I sat at the very edge, delicately running my fingers over the soft, moist grass... I suddenly heard footsteps slowly making their way towards me...

"Eleanor? Are you alright?", the director asked.

"Yes, thank you...", I whispered.

"I have important news...", he said causing me to turn around.

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