Chapter 66

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Meanwhile in California; Helena was with the director on set, preparing everything for the next shoot... The director noticed Helena's worried expression and attitude...

"Helena, we need to talk...", the director spoke up.

"About what?", she asked, continuing to search through costumes.

"Stop...", the director said, grabbing her hand gently.

She looked up at him, confused and worried as he stared down at her... He slowly guided her to sit down on a chair before clearing his throat...

"Umm, I have noticed that lately something is weighing you down... What is it, Helena?", he asked.

"It's Eleanor... I do not think that she should be stuck in another country with Johnny... What if she manages to retrieve her memory of him and remembers all the pain? What if she attempts to kill herself again? Johnny wouldn't care, he never does! Ugh, he promised he would send a letter to tell me how everything was going... He promised to notify me how Eleanor was going! That idiot...", Helena said, worried and angry.

"Helena, you know Johnny... He does care... Especially when it comes to Eleanor! He treasures her... Very much...", the director whispered.

"NO HE DOES NOT!!! IF HE DID, ELEANOR WOULD NEVER HAVE ATTEMPTED TO KILL HERSELF!!!", Helena screamed, standing up aggressively. 

"How do you not see that, Steve?", she whispered, tears streaming down her face.

"Helena, please... Sit back down and listen...", the director said.

"No, you listen!", Helena cried.

"Helena...", the director whispered.


"Do you remember when he raped her? Hmm? Do you remember that night?", Helena asked angrily.

"Helena, let's not over exaggerate, please... He did not rape her! He just...", the director said, stopping for a brief moment.

"Just, what?!", Helena yelled.

"Dammit, Helena! Calm down, I'm trying to think!", the director yelled.

"You are a coward! You can't even protect an innocent child from a monster!", Helena cried, her index finger pointed at the director's face.

"Johnny is a passionate, loving man! And I am not a coward!", the director said, slapping Helena's hand away from his face.

Helena cried, collapsing down onto the ground as she gripped onto her dress, clenching her fists hard...

"God, Helena...", the director said.

He collapsed next to her, staring down at her lips as she cried...

"I'm sorry... Please don't cry... You're right, I made a huge mistake... I know I have...", he whispered in her ear.

Resting his forehead on her's, he stared deep into her eyes...

"What do I do?", he whispered.

Helena remained silent, staring down at the director's lips... He wanted to speak once again, but before he could, she placed a finger on his lips to silence him... He smiled, slowly leaning in before pressing his lips to her's firmly... Helena pulled away, staring at him with wide eyes...

"Forgive me, Helena... I do not know what came over me...", he whispered.

"I am so sorry, Tim...", she whispered.

"What?", the director whispered, confused at Helena's sudden comment.

They both suddenly leaned in, sharing a passionate kiss... Helena cupped the director's face with her hands, feeling him slowly tug at her dress causing her to pull away... They stared at each other for a moment... Helena then proceeded to pull the director's shirt off as she climbed onto his lap...

"Wait, are you sure you want this, Helena? Here and now?", the director asked.

Helena simply nodded, French kissing the director... All the rest was a blurred memory to them both...

Meanwhile, I was still running from Johnny and Gabriella... I suddenly winced when I felt a sharp thorn scratch my shoulder making it bleed... Tears flowed from my eyes one after another... The moon was the only source of lighting as I ran, feeling like I was running for my life... I suddenly came to a stop, collapsing onto the ground as I held onto my bleeding shoulder... The sudden urge to scream the loudest I could washed over me, dominating my self-control... I looked up to the sky, letting out the loudest, blood-bubbling scream I ever let out in my entire life... My blood painted the dead leaves underneath me as I stared up at the stars... I closed my eyes, feeling the wind bring me to my knees as I cried out all my fears and struggle...

Just go back to the hotel and sleep it all off, Eleanor... I thought. My head pounded as I slowly started making my way back towards the hotel... Fearing I was lost, I searched for familiar surroundings to guide my way back...

Meanwhile, Helena and the director both moaned into their kiss before laying down next to each other, both out of breath. Helena smiled as she closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath... The director scooped her up into his bare arms as he kissed the top of her head... She smiled, leaning up and kissing his soft lips as she ran her hands up and down his chest... He wrapped his arms around her slim waist, pulling her onto him as they both laughed...

Johnny was back at the hotel, helping himself to a glass of rum... He quickly downed the burning liquid, fishing out a cigarette from his pocket... He placed it in between his lips, pulling out a lighter before lighting it and closing his eyes as he took a long drag, exhaling the thick, gray smoke through his nose... I suddenly burst in through the hotel room door, closing it behind me as I listened to Johnny speak...

"Why did you run away? I tried to explain... But you would not listen to my words...", he said calmly.

"Words are empty...", I whispered as I snatched the cigarette from his lips, taking a long drag.

"I believe you stole something from me...", he said as I exhaled the smoke from the cigarette.

"I am sorry, but my system needs this cigarette... You have plenty more, I am sure...", I said.

"I didn't mean the cigarette...", he whispered with a ghost of a smile on his face as he cocked his head slightly.

While I was busy trying to figure out what his last remark meant, he handed me a letter before speaking up;

"From Helena...", he said before walking away.

With the smoke in between my lips, I slowly teared the envelope open...

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