Chapter 20

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I fell asleep under the tree with my eyes filled with tears. I didn't love Johnny... It is true... I never loved him in that way... And I probably never will...

I love Alexander... He is the one who cares...

I woke up from my sad dream and found myself in Johnny's arms. I slowly stood up and crept away. Johnny was still asleep and I took my chance. I ran through the forest towards the cliff. I sat on the edge and cried silently in the moonlight.

I then suddenly felt a hand stroke my long hair. I turned my head towards the hand. It was Johnny. He sat down and caressed my cheek, he then hugged me.

I pulled away and he looked at me. His hand resting on my waist. He looked at me with concern and sadness in his eyes.

"I do not enjoy looking at you in this state...", he said softly.

"Love...", I whispered.

"Love?", he asked.

"Indeed, love... I love Alexander...", I said softly.

He backed away and looked at me somewhat angrily.

"You never learn...", he said firmly before standing up and leaving.

"I do not love you Johnny... And I never will!", I yelled at him in frustration.

He turned around and walked over to me before gently pulling me up. He turned me around and made me walk. Suddenly, my back hit a tree...

He was facing me and looking at me with burning eyes... Burning with... Jealousy...

"Are you sure that you will never love me?", he whispered in my ear, I can feel his warm breath against my neck.

"Y-yes...", I said trying to push him.

He pinned me harder against the tree, his waist against mine, his hands beside my head.

"Really?", he asked.

He then leaned over and kissed my cheek over and over again.

"What are you doing?", I whispered.

He continued slowly kissing my cheek before moving to my chin and finally to my lips.

He kissed me savagely and caressed my hair in the process. I pushed him away and frowned breathless.

He had a ghost of a smile on his face and pinned me against the tree again. This time, he kissed the bruises on my arms.

"S-stop it...", I whispered.

He looked up at me and caressed my cheek before picking me up.

"Johnny! Stop, please! Stop it!", I yelled as he pinned me down onto the ground, my legs around his waist.

"Well I can tell you it's a real shame that you will never love me because I have grown kind of find of you these past weeks...", he said before kissing my forehead.

I then got annoyed by his actions and rolled us over. I was on top...

He looked at me with a blank expression. I leaned over and hugged him gently.

"I'm sorry...", I whispered in his ear before getting up.

I looked at him one last time before walking away. He got up and stared at me...

I then started running back to the building. I then bumped into someone. It was the director. He looked at me with concern...

"Are you alright?," he asked.

"Yes, thank you...", I said quietly.

He helped me up and I entered the building. The director entered in after me and suddenly appeared in front of me.

"Umm, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but... Your lipstick is... Smudged all over your lips and around them...", he said smiling awkwardly.

"Oh!", I said embarrassed.

"I'll just fix it up...", I said.

I walked over to my dressing room and fixed my make up. I walked out and saw the director beckoning me to come over to him.

I walked over to him and he said something that relieved me...

"You're not in the movie until the day after tomorrow, so... If you want to take the day off tomorrow, feel free.", he said.

"Thank you...", I whispered and saw Johnny entering through the door.

He quickly walked out again. I was confused, why did he come in and walk out again?

I went back to my dressing room and sat down staring at myself in the mirror...

I suddenly saw Johnny enter through the back door in my dressing room.

He walked over to me and looked at me...

"I was just wondering if you could help me with something...", he said looking into my eyes.

He pointed to the lipstick he had all over his lips from when he was... Umm...

"I didn't know you had make up on...", he said as I grabbed the nearest cloth and walked out to dab it with some water.

"It was red, how did you not know?", I asked giggling.

He smiled softly and stared at me...

I started rubbing the cloth gently against his lips as he continued to stare at me. I suddenly heard the door open revealing... Helena!

"Helena!", I said happily running over to her and hugging her.

"Hey! I had the day off, sorry... But I came to see you!", she said looking at me.

"Oh, I'm having a day off tomorrow...", I said looking over at Johnny who was turned around so that Helena wouldn't see the lipstick.

"Johnny, are you alright love?", Helena asked.

"Yes...", he said looking at his feet.

"Turn around love, I can't see you...", she said.

I panicked and told her to go because I needed to finish something off. She looked at me confused and left the room walking over to the director.

I closed my eyes and the door in relief. I grabbed the cloth and finished what I started. He thanked me and left through the back door.

I sighed and changed back into my cloths and walked out the back door staring at the moon... Smiling at the thought of having yet another day off from the set...

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