Chapter 41

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It has been 2 years since I last saw Johnny and the crew...

I'm still stuck at college studying to become an actress, but... Since my last experience, I don't think I want to be an actress anymore...

I sighed as I looked at the grandfather clock in the corner of the room. It was 10:00 am, Saturday morning...

I suddenly heard the doorbell ring so I jumped off my bed and ran to the door. I opened it and it was the postman.

"Good morning Miss Adams, sorry if I disturbed you...", he said with a warm smile.

"...Don't worry, you didn't...", I said softly.

"Well, there is a big letter for you... Here, have a nice day!", he said, handing me the letter and jogging off.

I waved before closing the door...

I placed the letter on the table before ripping it open...

Dear Eleanor Adams,

It would be a pleasure to have you in the next movie project we are working on. The project name is 'Love is eternal in Paris', taken from the movie that has been released on the 3/07/00. This is a continued version of the movie 'Love in Paris' you have been a part of 2 years ago. Please contact the number below if you are willing to participate.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Evans

I stared at it, wide eyed before placing it on the table and sitting on my bed...

I buried my face in my hands and stared up at the Johnny Depp posters, still stuck on my wall.

I stood up and stared at the different pictures of Depp...

I sighed and jumped off my bed before taking a look at the letter again... I contacted the number on my really old fashioned 50s phone...

"Hello...", A voice came from the other side of the phone line.

"...H-hello...", I said nervously.

"How can I help you madam?", the woman asked.

"I need director Steve Evans...", I said softly.

"Mr. Evans will be over in a minute...", she said before handing the phone over to someone else.

"Hello?", I heard the director say.

I took a deep breath before taking a look at the letter... Am I willing to participate? I am I guess...

"...Hello? This is Eleanor Adams, I'm calling to see if I can participate in the next movie project, 'Love is eternal in Paris'...", I said softly and shyly.

"Eleanor! Wow, I haven't heard from you in such a long time! How are you my dear?", he asked.

"I'm good, you?", I asked.

"Excellent, 'Love in Paris' was a huge hit, well done! I didn't tell you this but... You were the main character... I didn't want to tell you because I knew it would make you nervous...", he said happily.

I smiled softly at myself...

"Thank you sir, any interviews we need to do?", I asked.

"Yes, quite a few actually... This weekend maybe? I'm not really sure about the times...", he said.

"So, umm... When are we going to start filming?", I asked.

"Well, I'm going to say next week... This week, we're going to rehearse...", he said.

"Ok... Thank you, goodbye...", I said quietly before hanging up.

I sighed and sat on the bed...

This is going to be something big, something huge...

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