Chapter 25

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I stared up at Johnny who was stroking my hair gently. He smiled softly and held me tighter as I closed my eyes feeling the warm breeze. It was early in the morning yet the water was still shining beautifully.

Suddenly, we heard Helena calling us...

"Eleanor! Johnny! Where are you people!?", she yelled in worry and frustration.

I got up still holding both of Johnny's hands. He looked behind him to see Helena picking up his coat with a shocked and concerned face.

"Johnny!", she yelled again.

She didn't realize that we were just below the cliff. Johnny looked at me and got up still staring at me before picking me up bridal style and walking over to the stairs, slowly setting me down. I put my shoes on as he put his on quickly.

"Run back to the building and I'll talk to her...", he said before walking up the stairs.

I obeyed and ran back to the building without Helena noticing. I forcefully pushed the doors open and stumbled a bit, fortunately, I didn't fall...

"Where is Helena? Where is Johnny?", the director asked.

"They're in the field talking...", I said.

"Talking aye?", he said turning to the others before laughing.

"Love is in the air for them...", he said turning back to me.

Love? In the air? For them? What is that suppose to mean? I thought.

I laughed too to cover up the fact that I was curious.

"What do you mean?", I asked him still laughing with him.

"The other day, over there... In the corner of the room... They kissed...", he said pointing at the corner of the room.

Everything suddenly went brighter than the usual tone. I felt like I wasn't actually there and that it was just a silly dream.

"Really?", I asked weakly.

His smile suddenly faded as he saw my facial expression. I walked slowly over to my dressing room. I looked through random costumes and saw black leather leggings and a white t-shirt with the words "Yeah Right" written on it in black. I also found a black leather jacket a size bigger than mine, but it still looked good. I grabbed them and put them on before walking over to the mirror and putting make up on along with some high heel boots.

I let my hair down completely and it was crazily curled. I smiled at myself... I wasn't usually like this, I had never actually done anything like it... I wanted to show him that even a gentle person like me can be tough.

I walked out and no one was in the building. I walked back into my dressing room and peeked through the back door. They were all outside on break. Eva was standing around talking to Alan who was sitting down on a chair.

I walked out and everyone suddenly looked at me. The director gasped and I smirked when I saw Depp walking with Helena through the field. He saw me and stopped dead in his tracks. Helena placed both her hands over her mouth shocked.

I suddenly got an idea and walked back through the back door of my dressing room.

I grabbed some white liquid located in the make up box in front of the mirror. I took my jacket off and painted "Cry Baby" on the back before letting it dry quickly.

When it dried, I put the jacket on and walked out noticing Helena talking to Depp and Evans...

Johnny looked over at me and frowned noticing I was ignoring him. Eva came up to me and I started talking to her. I actually really loved her work. She was one of those celebrities that capture your attention.

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