Chapter 67

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I cautiously pulled Helena's letter out before unfolding it, my eyes trailing after the words as I read them...

Dear Eleanor,

I sent this letter to ask you some questions in general...

How are you? Is everything ok? Are you safe? Are you healthy? How was the trip? Was it long and tiring?

Johnny promised he would write to me to tell me how you are feeling... I guess he was too 'preoccupied' by something to do so... Is he seeing any girl or girls there? Or are you 2 together? Forgive me if I am wrong... Please write back as soon as you can... Let me know if you need me, I will jump onto the first plane for you...

Yours sincerely,

Helena Bonham Carter.

I sighed, looking over at Johnny who was admiring me with a smirk on his face as he leaned against the doorway to the kitchen, a cigarette in his hand... Putting the letter down, I walked past Johnny in search of a pen and paper, as well as an envelope... Once I found all the items, I sat down, thinking about what to write to Helena...

"You did not write to Helena... Why?", I asked Johnny.

"I thought it was too soon... Letters can wait... We should be enjoying this little 'holiday'...", he said calmly.

"And your idea of 'enjoying this holiday' is to pay girls even younger than me to entertain you at night...", I said, disgusted.

He suddenly walked over to the desk I was sitting at, kneeling down beside my chair as he stared up at me... I avoided eye contact, continuing to stare out the window in front of the desk...

"I am a human being... I have my needs...", he whispered.

"You've gone a little too far, don't you think? Past the boundaries...", I whispered.

"Though, I must admit... They are nothing compared to you...", he whispered, shocking me.

"How dare you?!", I yelled, standing up.

"You offend me in such matters! I am proud to say that I am a virgin! Besides, I am not beautiful enough to be yours...", I whispered at the end, sitting back down.

"Not beautiful enough? Do not fool yourself... You are way more special than you think... And I was a fool to forget that...", he whispered, standing up before walking away.

I froze on the spot. I didn't know whether to thank him or despise him. Either would do me no good of making sense of the situation. Truth be told, I was in a state of utmost shock. What to write to Helena? The whole thing with Johnny did nothing but confuse me. Which was quite understandable. I was brought back into reality by Johnny thrusting a glass of wine down in front of me. Staring at it, I cautiously picked it up, continuing to ponder my feelings towards Johnny. He was kind, funny and friendly; but I had no intention of being his lover. And I was most sure he felt the same; did he? Once again my train of thought crashed when Johnny spoke up softly;

"You look deep in thought; may I know what is causing this?", he asked curiously.

I remained silent as I sipped on the dark liquid graciously given to me. Alcohol wasn't something I necessarily was very fond of, but at times like these it was necessary. Although unlike some, I controlled my consumption. Usually. Tonight was one of those miserable nights where nothing really made sense anymore and nothing really mattered in this shitty hell whole of a world. Johnny was staring at me expectantly, looking most patient and easy, as if he knew I was going mad and wanted to go nice and slow so I wouldn't get into a hissy fit. Damn right he didn't want me to get into a hissy fit. No one in this whole entire planet understood what and who I really was, nor what I was really capable of.

"Why is that of any interest to you, may I ask?", I asked coldly.

Johnny's eyes were suddenly blinking confusedly and he shuddered visibly as I stared at him with unnerving dark eyes from the rim of my wine glass as I drank a little more of the poison.

"Why so cold? Have I done you wrong?", he asked, a hint of agitation in his voice.

I giggled like a psychopath earning a long and intense glare from Johnny.

"Do I amuse you, madame?", he asked after several minutes of staring at me in complete confusion.

"If only you knew, my good man."

We wouldn't deny it. I went a little tipsy turny. From the wine? Perhaps. From something else? Could be.

"Forgive me. Have I hurt your feelings?", I teased.

I was no magician. I could read no minds. But I could see the intense fire lit in Depp's eyes. My laughter slowly calmed and I stared down at him, a little nervous. I reached once again for the glass of wine I had set down on the desk in front of me, but before I could even make physical contact with it, Johnny grabbed my wrist. Almost painfully. My head snapped in his direction and he kept a firm grip on my now surely bruised wrist, if not loosening it a bit. I stared down at him in confusion.

"Why is it you want the wine, Eleanor? Because of its pleasingly intense taste and aroma? Or because you want to get drunk for once in your life? In that case, here is the bottle, dear.", he growled low in his throat, reaching for the bottle behind him with his free hand before waving it in front of my face temptingly.

"Let go of me, you bastard.", I said as calmly as I could at first.

When he would not oblige, and kept waving the stupid wine bottle in front of my face, it was my turn to grip his wrist connected to the hand holding the glass bottle right in front of my nose. He suddenly dropped the bottle in surprise of my sudden and harsh contact. I stared down at him and if looks could kill, he would've dropped dead then and there. Letting go of his wrist, I felt my face heat up when a flush of embarrassment appeared on my pale complexion. I looked away from him, not wanting to make any awkward eye contact.

"Goddamn it, Depp! Look at us! What are we doing? We're acting like bloody children.", I said, regaining my composure.

"Perhaps you are right."

"Please, forgive me. I-I-I don't know what came over me. Never have I been this way before.", I whispered in embarrassment.

"I understand, but don't expect me to forgive you.", he whispered back.

"And why not, might I ask?!"

"Because you've done nothing," he replied. "It was all just the wine."

"I do hope so.", I sighed exasperatedly.

"You never answered me; what is it you like about the wine?", he asked softly.

That was when I realized he was still holding my wrist and pinning it to the table. I looked over at it and shivered at his touch.

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