Chapter 26

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I sat in my dressing room staring at myself in the mirror. All along I thought he liked me... All along I thought he was being truthful... All along I was wrong...

"Open your eyes!!!", I yelled at myself taking one of my shoes and throwing it at the door.

I sat on the floor hugging my knees and rocking myself while crying. I just wanted Johnny to disappear into thin air...

Helena rushed into the room and I looked up at her with swollen red eyes. She gasped and ran up to me gently helping me to my feet. I snatched my hand from her and she looked at me with a confused face.

"What do you want?", I whispered and she hugged me.

I pulled away and she stared at me before moving the hair that was in my face behind my ear. I frowned and looked at her as she stood in front of me.

"I'll leave you be love...", she quietly said before walking out.

I walked out of my dressing room through the back door. I ran through the fields and into the forest. It was evening and the moon was full, slowly rising. I walked over to the cliff and sat down on the very edge.

I stared out at the ocean, staring at the gloomy dark sparkling water under the moon. I stood up and walked over to the stairs, climbing down. I fell into the sand and played around with it before stripping out of my cloths. I was left in a corset.

I loosened it a bit so I was able to breath properly. I jumped into the water swimming towards the moon. I was now in the deeper end of the water, really deep end of the water... I dived in and saw the ground a few feet away from me. I dived to the bottom noticing some small fish and crabs. I floated upwards and danced in the water, spinning and twirling under the moon lit water.

I swam up to the top to catch my breath. As I did, I saw a tall handsome figure picking up my dress and staring at it. It was Johnny...

He then looked at me and took his coat off, jumping into the water after me. I dived back into the water and swam away from him. He caught up to me and I swam up to the top again.

"What do you want?", I asked him once I caught my breath.

"You...", he said pulling me towards him and softly placing his lips onto mine.

He stroked my hair and wrapped one of his arms around me. I broke the kiss and he stared at me, his eyes darker than ever.

There was no distance between us...

"Why did you care about me and protect me when it all ended up being a lie!?", I asked furiously.

"A lie?", he asked confused.

"Yes! The director told me every single detail!", I said poking him in the shoulder.

"The director told you what?", he asked angrily.

"Love is in the air for you and Helena! I asked him what he meant, he said that you kissed her in the corner of the room on the set!", I said starting to cry.

"And it's so sad to think that, once I had the idea of loving you!", I cried.

He pulled me in and I cried into his bare neck. He stroked my hair and buried his face in my wet hair...

"How could you believe that? It never happened in that way...", he whispered.

"But did you kiss her!?", I asked backing away.

"Yes... But only once...", he said quietly.

I stared at him and pushed him harshly.

"What difference does it make!? You still kissed her!!!", I yelled furiously.

"But you don't understand, we have a scene in the movie where we're suppose to kiss... We were just rehearsing... The director must've taken it the wrong way...", he said staring down at me.

I stared at him and my expression softened. I couldn't believe I stressed myself out because of some misunderstanding...

I pushed myself against him and hugged him gently. I let out a huge sigh and kissed his cheek...

"I thought you weren't fond of me anymore...", I whispered in his ear and he backed away looking at me.

"How could I ever not be fond of you?", he said.

He pulled me closer until there was no distance between us. He leaned in and French kissed me, this time, softly instead of savagely. My hands were lost in his dark and wet hair. One of his hands was on the back of my neck and one on my hip.

I kissed him in the moonlight and straight away knew, the truth was sealed within this passionate kiss...

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