Chapter 62

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I stare at the dancers twirling on the stage and that is when I see her...


What is she doing here?! I thought. I could feel the back of my throat begin to feel swollen as I let my lifeless eyes form tears... I watched her dance in a golden costume as she glamoured in the spotlight... After she stopped dancing and stepped off the stage, everyone surrounded her, laughing and congratulating her on her brilliant dancing...

"I am so glad I visited your grand hotel, Miss Gabriella!", an older man told her with a satisfied smile on his face.

She's the owner?! I thought.

I ran back to my hotel room, crying as I stared into the darkness that swallowed my identity... I sobbed and could feel tears wildly streaming down my face... There is no escape from her! I thought. I suddenly turned around, realizing Johnny was standing there, staring at me with wonder in his eyes... I looked downwards, not wanting him to stare at me any longer...

"I see you have discovered who the owner is...", he whispered, continuing to stare at me.

"I am so sorry... That is why I did not want to go with you to find out who it is... I know you would get hurt... And I could not bare to witness that...", he continued.

"So you knew she was the owner?", I asked with a frown.

Silence swallowed the room as I looked at Johnny who was still staring at me...

"YOU KNEW ALL ALONG?!?!?!", I screamed, crying hard.

"Eleanor, please...", he whispered.

"You knew all along... Yet you did not tell me... You wanted me to find out myself... You did not want to accompany me for you did not want to deal with me breaking down...", I whispered.

Suddenly, the 2 girls that entered the room earlier appeared, holding onto Johnny as they played with his hair and kissed his cheek...

I closed my eyes, not knowing what to do or say... I turned away from Johnny...

"Eleanor, that is not wha-"

"Yes! It is... It is exactly what you meant, Johnny... Even though I seem stupid and immature, I am not!", I yelled, not turning around.

"Eleanor, that is quite enough, my dear!", he raised his voice.

"Don't call me 'your dear'...", I whispered.

"Enough, Eleanor!", he said.

"Yes... Yes, that's it... Enough... You have enough things in your life to keep you happy until you get bored of them and throw them away! You have those 2 beautiful women, wasting their time entertaining you and you are the boss... You order them to come and to leave...", I whispered.

He stared at me with an unreadable expression...

"And what does the word enough mean to me?", I asked myself loudly.

"It means that I have had enough of everything I grieve over! I grieve over you, over Helena, over my parents, over Gabriella!", I continued.

"I grieve over my life, over my looks, over my intelligence and attitude... I grieve over the fact that I have nothing and no one! I had not a single friend in college because of who and what I was!", I cried.

"But what do I grieve over the most?", I asked.

"I grieve over myself the most...", I whispered, turning to face him.

"They say I wouldn't survive a single day out in the real world... They wouldn't last a day if they had the thoughts I do...", I whispered before running past him and into my hotel bedroom.

I jumped onto the bed, hugging my knees as I cried...

"You may leave now, thank you...", I heard Johnny tell the 2 women.

I closed my eyes, sobbing out of grief and desperation... I suddenly felt someone lay down next to me, pulling me back by the waist towards their body... I then felt someone caressing my hair while embracing me tightly...

"I am so sorry, Eleanor...", Johnny whispered.

"Get out...", I whispered and he hesitantly obeyed.

I sighed, turning to lay on my back as I stared up at the ceiling... Gabriella is the star of the show... And I am just another nothing in the background, not even important... I thought, slowly closing my eyes. If I could have a better life, what would I wish to happen in it? I questioned myself mentally, sighing... I don't really know what I wish for anymore... I thought as sleep slowly dominated my system and before I was even able to process another thought or shed another tear, I was already asleep...

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