Chapter 64

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I saw the same young man that Gabriella danced with slowly approach me as we circled each other like a predator would circle his prey... Johnny stabbed a pocketknife into the table he was sitting at while watching me with a ghost of a smile on his face...

"Who is the predator? And who is the prey?", the young man asked in a Polish accent.

"That is a question yet to be answered...", I said proudly.

And that is when it began... With the crowd clapping, laughing, cheering and dancing along, the man twirled me round and round and I was practically flying in his arms as we shared a fast-paced, energetic and traditional dance... Johnny stared with wonder in his eyes, clearly fascinated by my attitude towards dancing... My head hung upside down and my back was arched over my dance partner's arms as he held onto me and I onto him in our final position as a grand finale... He pulled me up and I smiled, one of his hands on my hip and the other on my lower back while my arms were snaked around his neck... I stared at his lips while he stared at mine...

"Magnifique! Now, finish it off with a romantic twist! Un bisou!", Gabriella clapped and laughed.

Un bisou? I thought. A kiss?! Yes, that is the meaning... I thought.

I hesitated before slowly leaning in towards my dance partner's lips and he met me halfway... Before our lips could touch, he spoke up...

"I must confess... You are indeed the predator, Miss Eleanor...", he whispered making me smile.

Our lips finally met and were pressed against each other firmly as the crowd went 'oooooohhhh' with excitement and surprise... I smiled against his lips before finally pulling away...

"I must know your name, sir...", I whispered.

"My name is Amadej, Miss Eleanor...", he whispered in my ear and I smiled.

"Bien joué! Well done, the both of you!", I heard Gabriella yell over the loud music.

I looked over at her and saw her beckoning me to go over to her...

"Until next time, my dear Eleanor...", Amadej whispered.

"When will that be?", I whispered back.

"I shall surprise you... Goodbye!", he said, walking away.

I proceeded to walk over to Gabriella who was smoking with Johnny... They were both standing there, waiting for me...

"Eleanor, I have a proposal to make... A business one... For the both of you...", Gabriella said drawing both Johnny's and my attention.

"What k-kind of b-business?", I stuttered.

"Hear me out, Eleanor... I want the both of you to perform at the grand opening of the renovation of this hotel... You, Eleanor, shall be one of my dancers... And you, Monsieur Depp, are just the man to start and show off the torch parade, seeing as you are the sexiest man here...", Gabriella said with a seductive smile.

She is flirting with him... I thought.

I watched her get all over Johnny making him feel proud and happy as he laughed and played her little game...

"I accept...", I said before walking away.

The rest of the night was me dancing with various men... Not because I wanted to, but because I was made to do so by Gabriella and Johnny for their entertainment...

I walked into my hotel bedroom, exhausted from all the partying... I jumped into bed, suddenly falling off when I heard the front door to the hotel room open... I stood behind the doorway in my room, spying on Johnny as he walked into his room... He saw me and I gasped, covering my mouth with my hand... I stood out of sight, hoping he wouldn't question why I was staring at him... I peeked again and my eyes grew wide when I saw him take his white linen blouse off, revealing his tanned, muscled chest ... He threw it across the room, jumping into bed before calling out my name loudly...

"Eleanor?!", he yelled causing me to swallow nervously.

I stood there, my hand on the wooden door frame as I stared at him innocently... He looked over at me with a smile, patting the bed underneath him as a method of beckoning me to sit next to his laying body... I looked down at his bed, then back up at him... I hid behind the door frame again, not wanting to approach him... He was after all under the influence of alcohol...

"I won't hurt you, Elle...", he said loud enough for me to hear.

I slowly made my way out of the shadows and towards his bed before sitting down slowly and cautiously... He stared up at me with an exhausted face, expecting me to say something...

"What?", I asked.

"Tell me a story...", he said, confusing me.

"A s-story?", I whispered.

He simply nodded, continuing to stare up at me...

"What k-kind of story?", I asked.

"A golden memory of yours... How you grew up... Your emotions... How you feel...", he said softly.

"Golden memories? Emotions? Heavens no...", I said.

"Why not? At least tell me one golden memory of your childhood...", he whispered.

"Well, most of the memories I have of my childhood are either sad, angry or tragic...", I laughed sadly, looking over at the window to my right.

"One happy memory is all I ask...", he whispered.

"There was that one day that I will never forget...", I whispered.

"I was sitting under a tree, reading my favorite novel at the time... The sun was rising and it was about 5 am... A soft breeze brought life to my hair as I stared at my older sister with her boyfriend... They were kissing and I tilted my head, giggling as I stared at the both of them... I then looked over at my father who was flirting with a woman called Alison who was my stepmother for 2 years before divorcing my father... They also kissed and I thought about the day they would get engaged and married... And possibly be blessed with another child... It was Valentine's day... Everyone got together as a couple and celebrated... I remember watching them merrily dance and sing... And I wondered...", I said before stopping for a brief moment.

"You wondered what?", Johnny asked with a curious face.

"If one day I would find someone... Someone to love and to care for... Someone to share my heart with... Someone who would love me back with all his heart... Someone I could marry one day... Someone I could then have children with...", I whispered and Johnny stared up at me with eyes I could not recognize.

"But this is a cruel world... With cruel and unfair people... At college, I never found my true love... Because all the males there judged me... And I don't think I ever will find true love...", I whispered at the end.

"What makes you say that?", Johnny asked quietly, sitting up.

I part laughed, part cried at his question... I closed my eyes, feeling my heart crumble as I thought about never finding a true love...

"Being alone hurts so much, Johnny... You have no idea how much...", I cried.

He simply stared at me... Looking me up and down as I stared down at my hands...

"Have you never been all alone with no one to love or hold? Of course you have not... I mean, you are the Johnny Depp! Women would bow to your every will and wish if you simply just gazed at them... But for me, it is not that simple...", I whispered sadly.

He slowly sat up, watching me tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear as I stared down at the floor watching my tears drop onto my lap... The strand of hair I tucked behind my ear came loose and before I could tuck it in again, Johnny softly tucked it behind my ear for me... He stared down at my lips and I suddenly felt uncomfortable... I swallowed nervously as I looked over at him... He looked deep into my eyes, but before he could see into my soul, I stood up... He laid back down, staring at me with a sad smile as a blonde girl walked into his room...

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Depp?", she said with a seductive smile.

Johnny looked up at me, his expression clearly stating that I should leave his room...

"You disgust me! Have fun tonight...", I said.

I grabbed my coat before running out of the hotel room...

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