Chapter 56

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Paris... The city of romance... I couldn't believe I was here... It was beautiful... I stared at all the tourists, people and paparazzi. I smiled as I walked with the director towards the hotel we were staying at. It was old fashioned and I loved it! It was retro/vintage style, my favorite!

Once we were settled in, I was scared to get out of my room in fear that Johnny might be kissing another girl, but honestly, I couldn't care less! I would not let some ruthless and selfish idiot ruin me and break me!

I walked out of my room when suddenly, I felt a hand grab me and push me into my hotel room. It was Johnny, who proceeded to close and lock the door to my room before walking over to me and staring into my eyes.

"Why do you not love me, Eleanor?", he asked.

"Why?", he whispered.

"Get out...", I said calmly.

"Why?", he whispered again.

"Get out, Johnny!", I said a little louder.

"Just tell me why you don't love me!", he said.

"Because I can't! All the other women you have are enough! I'm better than that, Johnny! I'm not going to be one of your victims any longer! Now get out!!!", I yelled and he stared down at me with a blank expression on his face.

"Remember Adeline?", I asked.

"Yes...", he whispered.

"Turns out, it was your child, Johnny! Are you proud of that?! The fact that you're not there for her and the child?! Are you proud of that?!", I yelled.

"Eleanor, I fell for you and only you...", he whispered.

"Then why do you do it? Why do you go off with another girl and then come running back to me?! Why, Johnny?! Why?!", I yelled.

"I just want everything to be as it used to...", I whispered.

"The time I didn't feel pain... The time I could spend time alone... The time I would feel free... You know, when I was 9, I used to believe you were a prince... I would imagine meeting you and you would be charming, sweet and loving... But reality is a painful thing... Imagination is imagination, nothing can go wrong... But reality has a load of pain coming your way while you're spending time being happy with the people you love... You're not a prince... You're charming, sweet... But not loving... I want you out of my life, Johnny...", I whispered and he froze.

I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders and float away...

"Everything we've had... Every night we shared... Everything! Forget it...", I whispered and he was tearing up.

"You feel that inside of you? It's your heart breaking... I felt that everyday... But I learnt to mend it... Fix it... And now I feel no pain or sorrow... People change... I changed... And the people around me just have to cope with that... Because I'm not going to let anyone break me... Goodbye, Johnny... It was nice knowing you...", I whispered.

"I want Eleanor back...", he whispered.

"Eleanor is back... This was who I was before you broke me... I was independent and a fighter... Yes I would break down and be miserable, but I'm a human, Johnny... I have feelings too...", I whispered.

He walked out of my room and I smiled sadly before jumping into bed and falling asleep...

6 months later

Paris, Australia and Rome were the last places we visited before flying back to America. Johnny hasn't been talking to me... Thanks to one person... Adeline!

After all she had done that year I first met Johnny, she still had the bravery to come and visit him! She brought along her daughter... The child had Johnny's eyes and hair... All the rest was Adeline's...

I lay in the fields, not able to go through everyone smiling and laughing and greeting Adeline, welcoming her back warmly and playing around with the little girl. I've never seen Johnny so happy... It almost pained me to see him this happy...

What about me?

Do I not deserve to be happy?

What about my emotions and feelings?

Am I not a human?

I closed my eyes, struggling to keep a straight face as I listened to Johnny speak to Adeline from his heart, everyone listening carefully...

"Adeline, you are the light of my life, the reason I live, breathe and battle through life... You are my girl and the mother of my beautiful child... I love you to the moon and back... Every extra second spent with you is an extra minute of happiness...", he said and I started crying hard.

"Will you marry me, Adeline?", he asked and everyone gasped in surprise.

"This can't be... This is just a nightmare... This isn't actually happening, Eleanor...", I convinced myself.

"Yes... Yes I will, Johnny! I love you so much!", she screamed, jumping into his arms and his smile was the widest I had ever seen it.

"This is happening...", I whispered to myself.

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