Chapter 16

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I felt the sun shine on my face as I slowly opened my eyes. I rubbed them to wake up. I suddenly remembered that I was going back to school today, yes!

I got up walking over to my closet and grabbing my white dress. Suddenly, I thought of something... Why not wear something different today? Why not wear a black lace dress?

I pulled out the lacy dress and put it on. It looked beautiful...

I walked over to the bathroom and untied my long blonde hair. I looked at myself in the mirror once more before walking out of the bathroom and grabbing my bag and keys. I opened the front door and saw Alexander walking up the stairs, walking towards me...

"Good morning.", he said.

I walked past him ignoring him completely, not even giving him attitude. I slowly walked down the stairs and pushed the glass doors open. I saw the same girl that was kissing Alexander the previous night. She was staring at me with a somewhat angry expression.

I couldn't possibly ride my bike in the lacy dress so I walked to school alone.

When I arrived, I walked through the rusty old gate and opened the creaky doors of the old ruined building.

I quickly walked down the hallways and up the stairs to my classroom.

When I walked in, the whole class stared at me with disbelief. I saw Mr. Barker also staring.

"Morning Miss Adams! Please, take a seat...", he said.

I heard all the students whispering and asking each other if it was really me.

Mr. Barker and Kelly were telling me to sit in front of the class. Kelly was patting the chair next to her as if trying to get me to sit there. I smiled and walked to the back of the room where no one sat.

Kelly rolled her eyes and turned back to the teacher who was writing some information on the board.

When it was lunchtime, I walked over to the creaky doors of the school and opened them. I walked out into the yard. There was a bench next to a tree that was beginning to blossom with beautiful pink and white flowers. I sat down and stared at the clouds. Oh how I wished I could just fly freely.

I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Kelly and Alexander. Kelly sat down next to me staring.

"Whats wrong?", she asked.

"Nothing...", I said.

Alexander looked at me with concern, but I didn't care.

"Something is wrong...", he said softly looking at Kelly.

"She's working with this lunatic called Johnny I think. That really popular guy, you know Kelly. Johnny Depp... He's crazy, he doesn't even let her hang out with anyone.", he said while looking at Kelly.

That's when I felt it... For the first time in a long time I was furious...

"Well that lunatic was right you know!", I yelled at him standing up.

"What do you mean he was right?", he asked while looking at me with confusion.

"Do you really want to know?", I asked softly looking into his eyes.

"Y-yes...", he whispered.

"He said the truth...", I said sitting back down as Kelly also stared at me with confusion.

"Truth?", Alexander asked breaking the silence.

"Yes...", I said.

"W-what truth?", he asked.

"He said that I'm too special... Too precious for a person like you...", I finally said.

He just looked at me with a furious face, nodding.

"He also said that you would hurt me...", I said looking up at him and standing up.

"And he was right!", I said walking away.

I walked back to class after the bell rang.

When all the rest of the classes were done, I walked home with Kelly.

"So, whats the problem?", she asked me as we reached my apartment.

I unlocked the door and invited her in. She walked in and I followed behind.

"I already told you, there is no problem...", I said as she sat down on my bed.

"Is that guy bothering you? Most celebrity's do that you know.", she said.

"I just... I...", I said not managing to finish the sentence.

"You what?", she asked.

"I made a huge mistake...", I said.

"What do you mean?", she asked.

"He admitted the other day that he cares about me...", I said sitting down next to Kelly.

She sat there, wide eyed with disbelief.

"Wow...", she said.

"Yeah, wow...", I said tearing up.

"Is that why you have posters of him?", she asked confused.

"No... Those have been there ever since I moved here...", I said.

"Oh...", she said sighing.

"I know! Lets go shopping!", she said gently pulling me.

I looked at her with a ghost of a smile on my face.

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