Chapter 52

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It was late and I fell asleep before waking up when I heard Eva laughing. Helena and Eva were talking behind me and I wanted to turn when I suddenly felt a hand on my stomach. It had been there the whole time I was asleep. I turned to see Johnny with a tear in his eye as he slept peacefully. I wanted to push his hand off my stomach but it felt so relaxing. He was even rubbing my stomach softly. Maybe he would be there for me...

Who am I kidding?! I knew that he would just go around with other women.

I sighed before staring up at him as his eyes slowly opened. He looked down at me as I stared up at him. He smiled softly and I just looked away, not wanting to look at him as I began to cry. I cannot believe I was carrying his child. I placed my hand over my mouth as I softly cried.

I sobbed and noticed Helena staring at Johnny and then looking over at me. I felt Johnny wrap his arms around me before pulling me closer gently. He planted soft kisses down my neck and I tried to push him away.

"I promise I will never leave you again...", he whispered as a tear rolled down his cheek.

"You don't need to promise me anything... We're not together anyway!", I sobbed.

"Eleanor I-", he began but I cut him off.

"No Johnny! No! I don't trust you anymore! I don't want to hear it! I don't care! If you really love me you would let me go! I don't want to have anything to do with you! I want you out of my life once and for all!!!", I yelled.

"Eleanor please!", he said earning a deadly glare from me.

I stood up before moving to the other side of the plane. Johnny walked over to sit next to me but I stood up trying to get away. He grabbed my arms before softly placing his lips onto mine and tasting my lips sweetly as he moved his jaw in the rhythm of the kiss. Our lips moved in perfect sync. I wanted to pull away but not a single muscle in my body could resist him.

I could hear Helena yelling and screaming and crying as she tried to get out of the director's grip... The director and Eva were holding her as she collapsed onto the ground and cried hysterically.


For a moment I thought she wasn't breathing but then she started sobbing again.

"PLEASE!!! STOP HIM!!! PLEEEEAAASE!!! IT'S FOR HER OWN GOOD!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE!!! STOP HIM!!!", Helena yelled making me pull away from Johnny.

I stared up at him and he stared down at me...

I could see his eyes were full of love and care... But that doesn't make a difference...

"Please... It's enough that I have to give birth to your child!", I said and he hugged me tightly, placing his hands on my stomach.

"...Our child...", he whispered in my ear.

I couldn't handle it anymore... I broke down in his arms and he held me close to him, never wanting to let me go. I sobbed and cried into his shoulder and he slowly stroked my hair. He sat down in a seat and placed me in his lap. I cried myself to sleep that day...

The trip itself felt like forever... But soon enough, it was over. We were at the airport in London and I walked out of the plane first. The moment I got out I inhaled the fresh air and exhaled it. It felt like home, even though I have never been here before. My father was waiting for me... And I've been waiting more than 10 years to see him again... I've waited 12 years to be exact...

Everyone got into a limo and we drove off towards the hotel...

As the limo sped down the street it passed a huge house... My father's house...

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