Chapter 37

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I got into a cab and told the driver to take me to my village. He started driving and I looked at the building before I felt a tear roll down my face...

When we arrived, I walked out the car still wearing my 19th century costume.

I walked over to the big farm house just across my friend's house, yes... He lives in a village...

I knocked on the door and my mom's uncle answered, looking me up and down before inviting me in.

"What are we, stuck in the 1800s? Why are you wearing that outfit?", he asked and I blushed, embarrassed.

"No sir...", I said looking down at my hands.

"Who are you, don't mind me asking...", he said.

"It's me... Eleanor!", I said standing up.

"Eleanor, my goodness look at yourself... Grew up to be so fine! Come here you!", he said hugging me tightly.

"What happened to your hair? The last time I saw you, you were 9 and you had dark brown hair!", he said with a huge smile.

"Oh, changed I guess...", I said smiling shyly.

That night, uncle made me eggs and sausage along with a glass of creamy milk. I ate up and washed the dishes before explaining why I was here. He made my bed upstairs and tucked me in before bidding me goodnight and turning the lights off. I stared out the window and wondered how I would survive for a year...

7 months later

I woke up to the sound of the rooster in our yard. I looked at my analog clock... 5 am, perfect... I can get all the jobs done now!

I grabbed a shirt and track pants before tying my hair up into a ponytail. I walked into the living room where my uncle was sitting down next to my great grandmother who was watching television. I smiled and walked out grabbing my boots and slipping them on. I opened the small wooden gate and ran over to the "wishing well", at least that's what all the kids called it...

I grabbed the handle and started rotating it, causing the bucket to lower down into the well. I waited until I heard a splash before collecting some water and bringing the bucket back up. I unchained the bucket and walked back inside, placing it beside the sink.

The rest of the day was like all days, doing farm jobs...

The sun was now lower in the sky and I opened the gate to the sheep and they all ran out. I whistled and they started following me into the woods.

I walked up the steep slope and let them graze on fresh grass. Walking over to a tree, I stare at the houses down below. I pulled a clean green apple off the branch and started munching on it before bringing the sheep back to the farm.

3 months later

It was ten months ever since I left the set and I was really happy. I was too occupied to think about silly little things. Even though my life here wasn't very social and I lost my gentle approach to people, that was the way I had always dreamt of. My great grandmother turned 83 the other day and the whole village celebrated.

I went to a nearby town to get a little makeover before I return to the set in 2 months.

I walked into a salon where the dyed my hair chocolate brown before removing my extensions. I looked into the mirror... It was another me!

I then bought heaps of makeup and had makeup artists test it out for me. I was happy and paid them before returning to the village.

I drove the tractor around the huge village and down the dirt tracks next to fields scattered with crops growing for the season. The tractor was a green one, my mom's uncle named it Hilda for some odd reason...

1 month later

Well, I was ready... Even though my return would be a month early, I was ready... I had over 11 months to recover, that's definitely enough!

I waved to my great grandmother and uncle before grabbing my bags and getting into a cab...

California... Here I come!!!

I told the driver to take me home since it was about 3 in the morning. I walked into my apartment before washing my hair from all that dirt on the farm... I started crying in the shower... I missed the village already! I want to go back and continue working there!

The next morning, I woke up to the summer sun shining through my balcony door. I got dressed and looked into the mirror. My chocolate brown hair was flowing down like the river of melted chocolate from Willy Wonka!

I walked out grabbing my bicycle and peddling down the street towards the building.

When I arrived, I saw that there were no trailers... Just cars! I walked in front of the building and stared up at the roof before taking a deep breath and walking in...

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