Chapter 11

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Ethan POV

"Does Ace know about this?" Matt asked through the receiver.

"No! Don't tell him Matt he'll probably tell us to leave him there!" I said anxiously.

"Okay, okay chill, let's just find a way to get him out. This isn't just stressful for you, you know."

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

"I have no idea."

"Okay well we gotta think of something soon! I don't know what they're gonna do. I think they're using him to get you to help them take your turf but that's not gonna happen."

"Maybe you should just tell me where you guys are."

"Are you serious?!"

"I honestly have no idea how else this would work!"

"Shut up and let me think of something. Talk to Fox he might have an idea. I'll call you later, I gotta get back."

He hung up. I threw my phone on the floor in frustration, making the batteries fall out. I quickly picked it up, putting it back together. I need to stop doing that. What if Matt calls?

I walked into our apartment.

"Fox I'm totally lost. Have any ideas?"

He looked up.


He didn't continue.


"Daniel might get hurt though."

"What? Tell me what you're talking about."

I looked at what Fox was holding.

"Is that his phone?"

"Yeah. It was by the couch. If Chris or Matt tell us where he is, I can get this to him, we could wait while he calls us with his phone, then go get him. We could make it obvious that we're there, they could come in and he could 'accidentally' drop his phone where, if they're smart enough, after he's gone, they'll look at the call records seeing his last call be to you, telling you where he is."



"There's like a thousand things wrong with that plan."

"Do you have a better idea Ethan?!"

"Okay. How will they know how he found out his location? He was probably unconscious or something when they took him."

"Like every phone has some kind of location setting it'd be easy for anyone with a phone to figure it out."

"How might he get hurt?"

"Well, when he has the phone someone could walk in on him with it."


"But that's unlikely and there's a small amount of time where that could happen so..."

"Okay, call Matt and tell him I'll go meet him somewhere to give him the phone!"

I rushed out of the house then turned around and sped back inside.

"Forgot the phone." I said grabbing it and sprinting back outside to my car.

Daniel POV

Every time I was about to fall asleep, I was woken up by the throbbing of my leg and remembered where I was. My arms were starting to hurt from the position they were in.

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