Chapter 30

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Daniel POV

"Get on your knees..." I shook my head. He pulled out a knife, and started walking towards me. I quickly kneeled and held my hands out in front of me, defensively, trying to crawl away backwards but being stopped by a hard wall. He gave me an evil grin. "Good, Danny..." he said in an oddly familiar voice. There were two other men there, all masked.

"What do you want from me?" I asked, my voice shaking and tears threatening to pour down my face. The one with the knife laughed. "We need you to shut up and die like a man, instead of like the faggot you are." I frantically looked around for a way out. There were nothing but alleyways, surrounding me, looking like a maze. I heard Ethan's voice calling my name and it echoing through the alleyways, but I couldn't tell from which direction.

"HELP!" I yelled back, hearing my own voice echoing in different directions. There was a pause, then more echoes from Ethan. The man with the knife laughed at my attempts, then spoke again.

"I'll give you one chance to run, before we kill you. It's more fun that way... Five seconds." I fearfully looked at the three of them, real tears pouring down my face now, as the other two pulled out identical knives.

"Please, I'll do anything-"

"Five..." The three parted to let me run through the alleyway directly in front of me.
"Four...."I could hear Fox's echoes joining Ethan's, looking frantically around me."Three..." I started running, hearing Ethans voice closer to me. "Two," I sped up, and saw a glimpse of Ethan on the other side of the alleyway I'd turned into. "One..." I yelled his name and he saw me, beginning to run towards me. "Zero." I heard footsteps running after me, evil laughter following. I ran as fast as I could to Ethan, but I could hear heavy breathing right behind me, and someone grabbed and tugged a fistful of my hair painfully, causing my to tumble to the ground.

He quickly forced me on my knees facing Ethan, and I grabbed the hand painfully holding onto my hair, looking at him. It was one of the three who hadn't said anything.

"Stop-" I sobbed,

"This isn't my choice, Daniel." Mason's voice spat in my ear, before drawing a long silver knife across my throat. I felt a sharp, burning hot pain at my throat, and I clawed at it after he let go of me. I fell to the ground, trying to breath, but blood was pouring inwards blocking my lungs. I was slowly choking to death on my own blood. Turning my head, I saw the three hooded men had run away, and Ethan replaced my line of vision.

His face was full of disbelief and desperation, as he hopelessly tried covering one of his hands over my sliced throat, while I clawed at it, trying to relieve myself of the pain.

"Daniel.... Daniel!"

"Daniel!" Ethan's voice woke me up with a gasp, my eyes snapping open. I was holding onto my throbbing throat and Ethans concerned face was looking down at me. I saw Fox and Hank's faces behind him, looking worried. I sat up and took a few breaths of fresh air, rubbing my throat, before instantly feeling nauseous. I put a hand over my mouth and Ethan yelled at someone to grab me a bag. Fox quickly produced an old Burger King paper bag and Ethan gave it to me just in time, as I threw up everything I'd drunk last night.

Ethan rubbed my back and I finished, still breathing heavily and wiping my mouth on my sleeve. I looked at my shirt a little too late, then gave Ethan an apologetic look.

"Sorry, I forgot this was yours..." He laughed, nervously.

"I don't care..." He took a breath and sent a quick look back at Fox and Hank, who immediately pretended that they weren't paying attention and went to the kitchen to busy themselves. "Daniel, are you okay? Were you having a nightmare? It sounded..." He trailed off. My face reddened in embarrassment as I realized they'd probably heard the majority of my very bad dream. I took another breath and heard the conversation die down in the kitchen.

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