Chapter 9

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Daniel POV

I woke up to unfamiliar surroundings. I panicked for about five seconds and sat up straight, looking around. Then I remembered I'd stayed over at Ethan and his roommates house when I saw Hank looking at me funnily from the kitchen area.

"Morning." He said to me and pulled out two energy bars from a cabinet, throwing me one. I put my hands up— not to catch it, but to shield my face, which worked when it hit my hands and landed on my lap.

"Thanks," I said awkwardly while he laughed at my reaction. "Is Ethan awake?"

He nodded, looking suspicious. I wondered if he thought there was something we were hiding from him.

"He went out to get more beer."

"Oh ok."

"What's with you and Ethan?" I turned red as my thoughts were confirmed.

"We're just friends. He uh kinda almost killed me so I guess he felt bad or something. Now we're friends..."

Wow. Maybe the most awkward statement I've ever said to anyone, ever.

Hank looked unconvinced, but he nodded.

"Imma go wake Chase up." He said, leaving to his room. I sighed in relief.

Soon, both Chase and Hank were at the table, whispering about some gang issues which I didn't pay attention to. I shrank back in the couch hoping they wouldn't see me. I didn't feel comfortable without Ethan.

I heard a door bang open and saw Fox stumbling to the kitchen. He threw open the cabinet door and grabbed a box of cereal out of it.

"Jeez, what'd that door do to you Fox?" Hank asked tauntingly.

"Fuck both of you."

Chase and Hank laughed and Fox threw the empty cereal box at them.

"Seriously, don't break the apartment." Chase said.

"Maybe if you hadn't tried murdering me last night I'd be in a better mood." He walked to the TV and sat down in the chair near the couch. He looked at me, seeming confused, then turned the TV on without saying anything.

I was extremely uncomfortable. Everybody was awake, and Ethan wasn't here. I pretended I was interested in what was on TV, but I could feel my heart beating fast. I hoped nobody else could hear. After about five minutes that felt like an hour, I heard the front door open. Ethan came through it carrying three packs of beer. I relaxed immediately.

"Finally dude what took you so long?" Chase said.

"The car is a piece of shit that's what." He said angrily dumping the beer on the table and fell back onto the couch next to me.

"Hey," He said out of breath. I nodded in response, too shy to say anything with the others listening in, but I was failing to contain my smile.

Ethan POV

It definitely looked like everyone was suspicious of me and Daniel even though we hadn't done anything for them to think so. But I didn't care, because it was a perfect moment: Daniels smile had made me forget about everything.

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