Chapter 16

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Ethan POV

"Let's just go check to see if he remembers anything, then we'll leave..."

I woke up to that annoying voice from the hospital cafeteria. I'd fallen asleep against the wall next to Daniels room. I quickly snapped my eyes open and saw that kid- Mason and a few of his friends walking down the hall towards this door. The girl Sarah and some others from his group had gone, and they didn't seem to see me. Before they got there I stood up and stepped in front of the door.

Mason looked at the room numbers then saw me in front of 407. He stopped walking.

"What're you still doing here?" I asked, my voice full of fury. This asshole and his friends clearly weren't friends with Daniel and I was pretty sure they had something to do with him 'jumping' off the bridge.

He looked surprised then scared.

"We were just gonna go check in on Daniel..." I glared and he stopped talking.

"Get out of my face." I growled and him and his friends awkwardly turned around and started going back down the hall, not saying anything. I sighed and looked at my watch. There was only thirty minutes of waiting left, so I decided to just go into Daniels room.

Inside the room, there was a comfortable silence, and I saw Daniel in the bed with a white bandage covering his head. What was that for? I quickly called a nurse with the button on the remote, I thought he only needed stitches? A nurse soon came rushing in looking worried.

"What're you doing here? You're supposed to stay outside for five hours!" She said obnoxiously trying to shoo me out but I wouldn't move.

"Calm down its been five hours," I lied. "Anyway I called you here- what the hell is that bandage for?" She glared at my language but answered me anyway.

"He had a small skull fracture so that needs to stay here for a few days." She said and started leaving.

"Wait- what? He won't lose his memory right?!"

"No- no nothing like that. He'll just have a big headache for a while and he might not remember a few hours before he jumped but he'll be fine."

Soo.... he will lose his memory?

"He didn't jump." I said angrily, acting on instinct. The nurse turned around.

"What did you say?" She said in a serious tone.

"I don't think he jumped..."

"What makes you say that?" I shook my head shrugging and I started to ignore her.

"Well clearly you didn't know him that well, because he jumped." She said before quickly walking out of the room, leaving me pissed off.

How convenient that he might not remember if he jumped off a fucking bridge.

I sat down next to his bed just as he started moving.

Daniel POV

My head hurt and my body ached. What? Why? I opened my eyes and was confused when I saw Ethan's worried green eyes.  Didn't he say we couldn't "see" each other anymore? This had to be a dream then. Weren't you not supposed to feel pain in dreams though?

"Daniel?!" Ethan said with surprise and concern in his voice. I smiled as I considered the possibility of it not being a dream and that Ethan actually cared about me.

Ethan awkwardly looked for somewhere to put his hands but ended up gripping the side of the bed. He looked angry.

"What the hell Daniel did you seriously jump off a bridge?!" I tried frowning as I couldn't remember jumping off a bridge...

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