Chapter 17

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Daniel POV

On my last day at the hospital, my mother finally came to see me. Mainly to take me home because the hospital called her and she didn't want to look like a bad parent.

She walked in, pulled the chair by my bed over to the opposite wall, and took out her phone. She was probably texting one of her friends.

"Put on your clothes, I'm leaving in five minutes, with or without you." She said without looking up.

Wow. I could die and she wouldn't care.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed the bag of Ethan's clothes he brought for me earlier from the floor. I took out a pair of baggy sweatpants which were probably two sizes too big and pulled them on over my cast, then put on a t-shirt that smelled amazingly like Ethan on. My mom stood up.

"I'm gonna go wait in the car." She said, she said, still without looking at me.

"— but you have to talk to the doctor and sign the release—"

"I'm sure you know what my signature looks like." She snapped and finally looked me in the eyes only to glare at me, and then walked out.

I waited for the nurse to come with my papers and take off my head bandage then I got a text from Ethan.

Saw your mom leave... Should I wait out here or can I come in?

I thought about it and replied.

Wait there I'll be out soon.

I felt a little bad making him wait out for me, but I'd already tried convincing him to leave so many times it wasn't worth stressing out about anymore. The nurse finally came in with a clipboard looking around expectantly.

"Where's your mother? We have to talk to her."

"She went to the bathroom but don't worry, a different nurse talked to her about this before you got here." I lied easily to her because I knew she probably wouldn't care much if my mom was here or not.

"Okay, give her these papers to sign when she's back. They're the release forms then you're free to go after you get the bandage off." I nodded and she came and unwrapped the bandage around my head, cleaned the stitches, then wrapped a new, thinner bandage around it. After that, she left, reminding me to tell my mom to sign the forms.

I quickly snatched up the forms, signed them with what I thought my moms signature looked like, and carefully but quickly got myself into the wheelchair by my bed, almost crashing into Ethan on my way out of the room.

"Woah shit sorry!" He said looking around.

"No problem..." I said nervously, continuing to head out.

"Here, lemme help you." He handed me the bag that had been hooked around one of the handles and started pushing me out.

"Thanks." I said grumpily.

As soon as I felt the breeze from outside, I looked around for my moms car, and immediately found it.

Of course.

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