Chapter 19

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Daniel POV

I leaned against a brick building, waiting for Ethan to pick me up, and kept looking around. I knew someone was watching me and I kept turning my phone over in my hands nervously looking around. Finally, Ethan's beat up car came around the corner making me release a deep breath I felt like I'd been holding forever.

He hopped out after pulling up on the sidewalk and opened the door for me.

"Damn it's really cold Daniel, get in, I don't want you freezing to death." I smiled and mumbled a thanks, hobbling into the car. As Ethan started driving, I saw someone come out of the darkness in the rear view mirror, but I didn't recognize them. It might have been because we were too far, but he was looking at the car driving away. I felt shivers go down my spine and Ethan took a turn. The man was out of sight.

"What's wrong?" Ethan said, looking worried.

"I thought I saw... It's nothing, I'm just cold." I said, glancing back at the mirror quickly. Ethan looked at his mirror trying to see what I was looking at.

"It's seriously nothing, don't worry about it." I said and Ethan seemed unconvinced, but didn't push it. He dug under his chair and pulled out a jacket.

"Here- sorry the heating system in here is crap, just like everything else about this car." He said and handed it to me.

"Thanks." I covered myself with it, trying to warm it up.

"Hey you wanna stay the night at our apartment? Chase picked up some pizza and Fox just got back from the hospital- it might be fun." I smiled because this meant Ethan didn't care if Ace didn't want us hanging out, but then it fell.

"Sorry, I have school tomorrow." I said sadly.

"It's fine I'll take you- you have your backpack you don't even need to go home or anything-"

"And I'm supposed to go to school in the clothes I wore today?-"

"Daniel you can borrow some of mine!"

"Okay, sure I'll come over. But your clothes are big on me, just saying." He smiled.

"We'll figure it out."

Right when I finally wasn't cold anymore, we got to his apartment. I got out and walked quietly behind Ethan as he walked in.

"Hey guys, I brought Daniel he's staying over." I awkwardly followed him to the living room.

"Heyy Daniel long time no see." Hank said, cheerfully sipping his beer. I smiled and nodded at him, sitting next to Ethan on the couch. He quickly got up and went to the table. I was confused, but then he sat right back down handing me a slice of pizza.

"Thanks." I smiled, and just listened to their conversation.

"So Fox, does anyone know the fucker who stabbed you yet? Why'd he attack all alone?" Hank asked bitterly. Fox laughed.

"I don't even know I'd never even seen him before. He was one of Dominics guys we for sure though. We don't have to worry about him anymore though," He said quickly glancing at Ethan. "Anyway I'm sure Ace will keep a better eye on things now."

"I wouldn't bet on that Fox, Ace has got other priorities." Ethan suddenly said angrily.

"Soooo Chase, where'd you get this pizza?" Fox said quickly, changing the subject, trying to lighten the mood. Soon, everyone was half asleep watching the TV, except for Fox who'd went to bed earlier. I felt myself drift off.

Ethan POV

I felt so much more comfortable knowing Daniel was safe in our apartment, rather than at his moms. After Fox and Chase had gone to bed, I felt Daniel leaning on me and I saw that he'd fallen asleep. I put my arm around him and tried controlling the weird feeling in my chest. We stayed like that for a while, and I jumped when I heard Hank getting up, also heading to bed.

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