Chapter 12

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Daniel POV

After reassuring Ethan about five thousand times that I'd be okay staying at my house, I got out of his car and went inside, limping past my mother who as usual, ignored me. She was watching TV looking like she drank herself to sleep the night before. She probably did.

I closed my bedroom door behind me and my heart dropped when I saw the unopened backpack on my bed.

"God damn it!" I angrily threw it on the ground as I remembered the piles of homework I needed to finish for Pre-Calculus and I grabbed a handful of papers from my pack. After hopelessly looking around online for about an hour trying to find out what a rotation matrix was, I finally gave up and wrote a ton of bullshit answers on the pages to make it look like I tried.

I considered climbing up to the roof, but my leg was bothering me too much to get off my bed, so I pushed my papers off and threw the sheets over me, trying to fall asleep. As usual, my thoughts were consumed by Ethan. When he dropped me off, he told me to make sure to wake up early so he'd take me to the doctors to get my leg looked at.

I wonder if he knows I like him. That'd be pretty awkward if he did, he's probably not even gay. He doesn't know.

I could feel my face turning red, even though no one was near me, while I thought of how many times I'd made a fool of myself in front of him.

Ethan POV

After watching Daniels house for about half an hour, I drove back to the complex. Everyone else had gone to sleep and I called Matt to make sure everything was all good. After he told me how pissed Dominic was, I hung up, a little worried but mostly satisfied. Still, every time I thought of Daniel limping back to his house, I got really angry and had to close my eyes for a while to block out the rage. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed out, intending to go on a walk.

It was a cold dark night, and the streets were moderately busy. It was only ten o'clock so most people were heading out of liquor stores and trashy restaurants, heading home. There wasn't anything fancy in this area of Oklahoma City. I'd never even been to a fancy restaurant. I thought about how different my life would be if my parents hadn't left me, or if they'd left me somewhere different, like San Francisco, or Washington State. Not in one of the most gang infested areas of the fucking country.

But then you wouldn't know Daniel, so its a good thing.

I thought more about that. Was it a good thing? I hadn't really been doing him any favors, I for one, was the reason his leg was busted and he almost got killed.

"Heyy babee, mind showing me the way downtown? I'm a bit lost."

I turn to see a woman in her mid twenties who looked drunk, and randomly started clinging onto my shirt.

"You're downtown right now." I said, annoyed, and tried to keep walking. She grabbed on tighter.

"Come onnn show me a good time."

"Leave me alone." I shoved her off of me and kept walking. I wasn't in the mood to have an argument, especially when I was a little drunk myself.

What would happen to Daniel when he graduated high school? Would he get into a really good college and leave me alone, to grow old fighting Dominic's guys and recruiting kids to take my place for the rest of my life? Daniel would probably go get a degree, find a really pretty girl he'd end up marrying and forget all about me. He would probably never even know the feelings I had for him.

I circled around back to the complex, trying to run away from my depressing thoughts. Unfortunately, I had nothing else to think about. I got in the apartment and into our room, stepping over Fox's snoring figure and setting the alarm clock we shared an hour early so I could take Daniel to go to the doctors.

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