Chapter 29

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Ethan POV

I tried to hide my frustration when I got to the house. I pulled open the door and stormed through the crowd of people, knowing that wouldn't be where Daniel was. Two girls who looked to be around eighteen stepped in front of me and smiled, one of which casually grazed her hand on my chest.

"Want me to make you a drink? I promise it'll be like nothing you've ever-" I abruptly pushed past her when I saw the back door open, and the glow of a pool reflecting on a glass table outside. I could feel my heart beating faster. I hurried to the door and looked around outside.

I looked past the group huddled playing beer pong around a table, past the groups of people sitting around glass tables placed evenly throughout the backyard, past the people laughing and splashing in the enormous pool, and my eyes scanned the chairs lining themselves around the pool. I saw someone occupying each one, and then I saw him. He looked at me a few seconds after I'd spotted him with a strange expression on his face.

I walked over, and saw the guy he worked with at the video store standing next to him, looking worried, and a girl sitting on his other side. I quickly walked to Daniel and looked at his face. He seemed to be dazed and was still looking at me. I saw his pupils were twice large than usual, and he was dripping wet, with two towels on him.

"Hey Daniel, how are you feeling?" I asked, keeping my voice calm. He gazed at me, then rubbed his eyes hard, staring at his hands afterwards. A few seconds later he looked back,

"What?" He responded loudly, looking confused. I turned to his friend. He looked at me alarmingly and took a step back. I rolled my eyes and walked closer to him.

"How much did he take?" I asked him, glancing sideways and seeing Daniel trying to get out of his chair, with the help of the girl next to him.

"Uh, not sure exactly but some guy put it in a starburst so nothing more than whatever would fit in a starburst... however much that would be..." He finished awkwardly. I took a step closer and lowered my voice,

"You know he has anxiety right? He gets bad panic attacks and this shit won't help at all." Uneasiness crossed Max's face and he shook his head.

"No... I didn't know that..." I scanned his worried face and then turned back to Daniel. He was stumbling towards me and I walked towards him and put my hand on his shoulder. He was very wet and I tried to remember if I had any extra clothes in the car. I made eye contact with him before speaking.

"Daniel, we can go to my car now. Let's just get through the house and we'll be there okay?" He looked at me with a blank expression and nodded. I grabbed his arm to help him walk, and he followed me into the house, after his friends said bye to him.

We got through the house to the front door, and I lead him to my car which was parked right in front of the stone driveway. He quickly stopped and I turned around. He looked around him quickly before taking two steps away from me and puking in the grass. I felt horrible for him, and put my arm around his shoulders when he was done, guiding him to my car. We finally got there and I opened the door for him, but he wouldn't go in.

"What's wrong?" I asked, studying his face. He looked at the chair then back at me like I was crazy.

"I'll get your car wet." I smiled at him,

"Daniel, this car is a piece of shit, I really don't care." He shook his head.

"But then I'll get everything wet and..." He trailed off. Yes...? After a long silence I realized he was done talking.

"Um, okay, let me see if I have any dry clothes here..." I opened the back door, then the trunk and saw an old white t-shirt, but that was it.

"This is all I could find, do you want to put it on? I really don't care about my car getting wet Daniel," he took it from me and struggled to get his wet shirt off. I would've let him do it himself, but his arms got stuck while he was trying to pull it over his head so I helped his arms through and he then annoyingly tore the rest of it off and tossed it on the ground. He seemed to do fine with putting my shirt on, and I looked away, even though it was dark.

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