Chapter 14

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Daniel POV

I was a little suspicious of going to Sarah's, but my only other choice was sleeping on the street. I'd gotten a text from her giving me her address. I figured I was being paranoid. She was probably a good person, she just wanted me to have a friend.

I felt better and put the address into a GPS app on my phone, and began my long walk. Her house was all the way on the outskirts of town, but finally, I arrived. Before I even knocked, the door blasted open and a smiling Sarah was jumping up and down in front of me.

"Yayyyy I'm so excited! Okay what do you wanna watch first?" She dragged me over to a pile of movies.

"Um you can pick. I have no idea." The last time I'd had a sleepover was with Sean about two years ago. I didn't know how to act around Sarah, at least Sean was easy to talk to. Sarah rummaged through the pile and finally found one, popping it in the CD player and dragged me to the kitchen while the trailers were playing.

"I have a ton of junk food, what do you want?" She asked. I shrugged.

"Just get me whatever you're gonna eat I trust you." She laughed and checked her phone, making me feel uneasy, but I fought the feeling away.

We watched about half of the movie before she paused it and lay down on her stomach on the floor, propping herself up with her elbows.

"Let's talk before my parents get home. Any gossip?" She said. I blanked. What did she mean? Why would I have gossip— nobody talked to me!

"Not that I know of... You?" She smiled.

"Oh yeah, tons!" She blathered to me for about forty-five minutes about how she set up two of her friends and then they'd broken up and her friend blaming her and blah blah blah I was getting so bored my eyelids were drooping. How could she talk for this long? My mind drifted to Ethan and what he was doing. It was probably better than this.

Ethan POV

My heart was still breaking because of what I'd said to Daniel. And what he said back. I shouldn't have done that. I should've killed Toto, and run away with Daniel to California. I was laying down on the couch while Fox questioned me about what had happened.

"Yeah for the last time I have no idea how Toto found out. I just wanna kill him." I said miserably.

"That two faced satanic son of a bitch! He's such a kiss ass! All he does is pretend he's important and order people around! What is his part in this gang? He provides nothing!" I nodded, stood up, and poured myself a bowl of cereal, still moping.

"Let's go buy some beer." I said. Fox nodded and we started walking to the liquor store because Chase and Hank had the car.

I heard a sound like someone had abruptly stopped walking. I motioned for Fox to stop and tried to listen.

Suddenly, one of Dominic's gang members jumped out of the corner with a knife. My heart skipped a beat and I reached for my knife but it slipped through my hands and clattered to the ground. He lunged at me twice but I jumped out of the way, barely missing the knife. Fox jumped at him drawing his gun but the man quickly threw it out of his hands and managed to stab Fox twice in the stomach before turning to sprint away.

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