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Hello everyone, I'm back and thanks to everyone who's had patience with me and my story and thanks for all the well wishes and thoughts <3. I am going to release new chapters of Dangerous soon I just need to reread and edit it as I started this story when I was 15 and I am now 20, so my writing style and overall knowledge has definitely changed and it is EXTREMELY cringe when you read your old work without wanting to correct everything as I'm sure a lot of of you know. One of the changes I've decided to make is to delete most (not all) of the character pictures since based on my experience it is much better to visualize yourself what you think a character looks like, and is kind of a bummer if you imagine them differently than a given picture, so most of those are gonna be gone other than in the first two chapters! Also keep in mind that I am taking a physics, chemistry, calculus and english class right now in college so while I'd like to update every day it's not realistic but I will update as often as my schedule allows me! Anyway don't give up on the book I'm working on it! And don't worry my sister is not letting me forget about it!
Love you all,

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