Chapter 33

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Daniel POV

Max and I stayed frozen behind the counter. Mr. Richards had gone home early, so he'd be no help. The landline had shut off right when the power did, so after a brief moment of panic, Max dialed 911 on his cell phone. I looked around me for something- anything I could use for self defense. I saw nothing but the stool Max and I would take turns sitting on, beside me at the front counter.

"911 what is your emergency?" A calm, female voice answered the phone.

"Someone just cut our power lines and there's two guys watching us from outside send somebody we're at Kevin's Video-"

The sound of multiple gunshots then glass shattering cut Max's sentence short and we both ducked down, fast, hearts pounding.

I faintly heard the dispatcher saying officers were on their way. The shattered glass stopped falling and it was quiet again. I didn't hear anything for a few seconds and I slowly crept to the edge of the front counter on my hands and knees, peeking around at the front door. I felt something sharp on my knee, then my palm. Blood easily started trickeling from both. I looked down and saw glass scattered around the floor, piled up right where the front entrance was. Where it'd once been a glass door was a gaping hole in the room. I saw a shadow move outside and I quickly retreated back behind the counter, my breath shaking. I looked over at Max, he had a small pocketknife in his hands, looking ready to pounce.

I heard faint sirens in the distance and hoped to god they were coming this way.

The sound of footsteps crunching on glass swiftly appeared. They were walking towards us. I held my breath. I looked at Max and he put his finger to his lips and held up a finger to motion me to wait.

Wait to do what? What's he planning on doing?! I shook my head at him firmly, not wanting him to do what he intended, whatever it was. He ignored me.

Max jumped up and threw his knife at one of the intruders. I heard about ten shots go off as he fell back down and covered his head with his hands. I felt bits of drywall raining down on me as the bullets hit the wall behind where Max had just been. One of the intruders let out a quick exhale in pain and cursed loudly. Suddenly, I heard more gunshots.

These ones were coming from outside.

Fuck. I nudged Max and he looked up, seemingly surprised we hadn't been killed yet. I motioned to the comedy aisle, which was directly in line with the register. We had to run and try to hide in the back of the room. Mr. Richards had left his office locked, so I didn't have any hope there. He slowly got up to a crouch and on my motion we both ran to the other side of the store, being visibly shielded by the rows of movies.

The attackers seemed to have been distracted by something else though. I peeked at them through the gaps in the movie racks and I saw that the two masked men were shooting at someone outside.


I paused a second before realizing.

Oh no.

I quickly checked my phone and saw dozens of missed calls and texts.


The sirens were getting louder. The gunshots were getting quicker. I ran out from behind the aisle, ignoring Max yelling at me to come back. I heard shouting from the two men inside and saw that they were exiting the store, advancing on who I now guessed to be Ethan.

The men were now completely out of the store. I saw Ethan outside duck behind his car. He got into a kneeling stance and continuously shot at them. One of them ran out of bullets and booked it. The other one kept advancing until Ethan finally shot him in the shoulder. He swore loudly and started running away, shooting with his left hand, his aim much worse. Ethan got out from behind his car and started advancing on him shooting much faster and more accurately. The man had gotten away though, and suddenly the only sound I could hear were sirens becoming louder and louder. Once they were gone, my mind started processing what had actually happened. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Max come from behind the aisles. I sat against the wall on the ground and wrapped my arms around my knees as I felt a panic attack approach. I closed my eyes to try and calm down but all I heard were the sounds of sirens echoing and getting closer and closer. I felt Ethan's strong hands grabbing my shoulders. I opened my eyes.

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