Chapter 2

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Stephen James is Ethan :)

Ethan POV

"Ethan, you paying attention?" Toto yelled from the front of the room.

"Hm? Yeah don't worry about it." I replied, incredibly annoyed. I've been over this before. I actually think this is kind of stupid. There are better ways to threaten people.

"Good. Just drive carefully until after he shoots, then come back here. If you screw up, Fox could hit something other than his leg."

It was meant to be a warning. The man had stepped onto our turf. It wouldn't matter that much if he was just a pedestrian passing by. But he was part of Dominic's gang. I would drive the car slowly while Fox aimed and shot the mans leg, and we'd speed away. Of course by doing this, we'd be on their territory.

"Yeah yeah, I know. Let's just get it done." I left to the car and Fox jumped in beside me, his gun sticking out of his pocket.

I rolled up the windows and started driving the piece of shit I was supposed to call a car.

"Yo, why the fuck is Toto giving us instructions?" Fox said.

"It's cause he's been kissing Ace's ass for two years."

"The fucker." Fox replied. I knew Fox didn't get along that well with Toto, but if something happened to him he'd be pretty upset. There were twenty-two guys in our gang so we were all pretty close, two of them currently spying for us at Dominic's gang.

"We're here. Where the fuck is he?" I got a little nervous and parked next to the sidewalk, but then Dominic's man showed up. I slowly pulled out of the spot and crept behind him while Fox rolled down the window. He aimed at the guys legs, and shot once. The guy stumbled and fell letting out a curse and seeing us speed past, Fox rolling up the window.

"CARLO!" the guy yelled and from behind the street corner, we saw a car round the corner and start speeding after us.

"Fuck! Shoot his tires!" I yelled at Fox. He reopened the window and aimed-

"You gotta swerve left- fuck!" They had started shooting at us. I swerved quickly and Fox shot one tire multiple times and it deflated, making them slow down.

"Niiicee." I said, letting out a breath as they disappeared behind us.

"That was way too close."

When we got back, I went to my apartment that I shared with Fox, and two other members of the gang, Chase and Hank. I grabbed a beer bottle and sat on the couch that we found once on the side of the street, then waited for Toto to come get the details of what had happened. About an hour later, he came around, while I was on my third beer.


"We got him but they were watching us and followed us after we did."

"Shit! Where are they now?"

"Fox shot the tires, they didn't make it that far."

"Dominic's gonna be pissed."

"Well didn't you know that when you sent us to shoot that asshole?!" I said, feeling my anger rise quickly. Dominic would have been pissed either way. Big deal now he has to go steal some tires.

"Yeah... Imma go call Ace."

"Yeah you should." I said annoyed.

"Watch your fucking tone with me Ethan."

"Stop pretending you're Ace and get the fuck out of here." I was pissed. Just cause he was Ace's number two he thought he could just go ordering people around. He didn't even do any of the dirty work.

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