Chapter 31

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Daniel POV

I looked at the trail ahead of us, then look back at Ethan,

"This isn't the lake..." He laughed,

"No, it's not, we have to hike this trail and there's a great view at the end, of the whole lake." I shrugged.

"Fine, as long as it's not a long hike- I'm not athletic at all, I hope you know." He looked amused and opened his door, turning the car off.

"Not long at all, Daniel." He walked around to my side of the car and opened the door for me, waiting for me to get out. I sighed and slowly got out, then started following him up the trail.

It was a short walk, but much more peaceful than I thought it would be. We quietly walked through the trees, the fresh breeze bringing me energy. Right when I'd started to enjoy myself, the trail had turned from dirt to stone, and we were standing on a large, flat, edgy cliff, overlooking the entire lake.

We weren't alone. There were two separate groups of unfamiliar teenagers about twenty-five feet away from us, taking turns jumping off the cliff into the water. They looked at us as we walked by, then went back to filming each other do tricks off the cliff. I followed Ethan near the edge, and sat next to him under a nearby tree. He put his arm around my shoulder as we leaned against the tree, silently watching the view. I relaxed against him and put my head against his shoulder.

We stayed like that for around half an hour, just enjoying the view, and listening to the other people jumping and laughing at each other. I flinched when I heard a girl scream and Ethan retracted his arm, looking around. She was fine, and was climbing back up the rock, laughing with her friends. Ethan sighed. The two groups left shortly after, once the weather started to cool, then it was just me and Ethan, alone on the huge cliff.

Ethan stood up and took off his shirt. I looked at him, startled.

"What are you doing?" I asked, feeling my face heat up when seeing him shirtless. He had a lot more tattoos on his chest. I quickly averted my gaze so it wouldn't look like I was staring. He grinned down at me.

"Jumping in. You coming?" He asked, walking to where the teenagers had been before. I gaped at him for a few seconds, then quickly got to my feet and chased after him.

"-What?! No way, this was supposed to be peaceful Ethan-" he smirked back at me, then looked below the edge of the cliff. I crossed my arms.

"Have you ever gone cliff diving Daniel? I promise you'll have fun- and if you're still feeling sick this will make you feel better."

"I seriously doubt that. No I have not, and I don't plan to." He laughed then looked me up and down.

"But you even have the shorts for it..." I paused and looked down at the swimming shorts he'd lent me, then turned to glare at him.

"You planned this didn't you, you monster-" he laughed and nodded,

"Well duh, now are you jumping with me or not?" He asked, laughter still in his voice.

"Not." He smirked at me and gave me a daring look. "I'm not and if you try to make me, I'll scream like a little girl and the park rangers will come running." He shook his head and grinned again.

"Suit yourself, I'll convince you before we leave." He backed up a few steps then ran into a jump, off the cliff into the water.

I watched him hovered in the air for a fraction of a second, before quickly falling through down to the waters sixty feet below. I held my breath when I saw him plunge into the water. It took him five seconds to come back to the surface. I could hear him laughing and I let a big sigh out, a small smile forming on my face. He grabbed onto the rock near him and started climbing back up.

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