Chapter 13

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Ethan POV

My phone buzzed and I saw that I had a text from Ace, right above the message from Daniel. I sighed thinking about responding. I was just acting like a child, it wasn't his fault he wanted to get away from this city. It was my fault that I had to stay here because of my gang. I was about to reply to Daniel but I looked at Ace's text first.

We need to talk, now. Come to the apartment.

I was a little worried, but drove quickly to not anger Ace. I hurried into the apartment and saw that he was talking to Toto, who smugly grinned at me then walked away.

"Ethan. Sit down please."

I looked around slowly and saw that no one else was there.

"Did I do something?"

Ace smiled and shrugged.

"Why didn't you tell me about Daniel?"

My face instantly turned red and I kept thinking of ways to escape this situation. Through the window? He was closer to the door so I couldn't go that way...



"I'm not mad. I don't care if your'e gay. I don't think anyone should—"

"—I'm not gay—"

"—but I've noticed you've been distracted lately. I can't help but wonder if it's because of your... friend."

My heart beat faster and I didn't want to know what he would say next. I slowly shook my head.

"So It's your job to get him out of your life. If you can't, then I'll ask Toto to help out with that. You have to realize that the gang comes first. We've been here for you for years, and you've only just met this kid."

"So... your blackmailing me?"

"What? No this isn't blackmail! I'm just making sure you understand that a naive teenage boy will not help you focus on your duties to our group."

I was shocked. I'd only known Daniel for a few weeks, but I felt like I would be lost without him. I'd be stuck in the gang with no hope of ever having a real life. What was the point of Ace accepting the idea that I could be gay but preventing me from seeing Daniel?

"Who told you about him?" I asked angrily, feeing a fire start inside me.

"It doesn't matter." Ace replied, but his eyes flicked toward the door, where Toto had just left through. Of course it was him. But how did he find out?

I angrily got up and stormed out of the apartment. I would kill him when I found him. I didn't remember feeling so much hate towards one person. My phone rang and I was ready to chuck it against my car until I saw that it was Daniel calling.


"Hey, just wondering if you got my text, you seemed kind of annoyed earlier." He sounded worried.

"Oh yeah sorry I was busy. Listen, I have to tell you something..."

"...Yeah?" He said sounding scared.

"We can't hang out for a little. I'm sorry. Ace doesn't want me to see you anymore and we just have to throw him off then he'll forget about you."

He was quiet for a while.

"Who the fuck is Ace?" He said quietly. I panicked, realizing how it sounded and quickly responded.

"He's just the leader of my gang nobody important." Then I realized how that sounded.

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