Chapter 22

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Daniel POV

After blocking my doorway with almost everything in my room, I tried going to sleep, but I couldn't. I sat frozen on my bed, every noise making me glance outside the window. When it was quiet, I glared at the clock on my desk.


When I could see the sun coming up, I got out of bed, and tried convincing myself to go to school. Shivering, I stepped outside and looked around for anything unusual.

I started my normal walk to school keeping my head down and avoiding the eye contact of the few people that were out at the time. I checked my phone, seeing Ethan's texts from last night that told me to text him when I'd gotten home. Oops.

Sorry I just saw this got home okay— going to school now.

After a long, uncomfortable walk, I got to school and headed to history class, making sure to look out for the principle. I fell asleep almost as soon as I'd sat down, and woke up what seemed to be like seconds later at the bell.

I walked to English slowly and focused all my attention on not letting my eyes close, which was hard to do because we were watching a movie on poetry. I kept my eyes open for about twenty minutes, then the emergency bell rang, and the principles voice echoed through the PA that we were having a lockdown drill.

The sounds of groans filled the room as Mr. Hanon went to close the blinds and turn the tv off.

I didn't know why anyone was upset that we'd have to stop watching that pointless movie.

"Everyone be quiet, this is a lockdown." Mr. Hanon said, sounding annoyed.

"No, it's a lockdown drill." Some idiot named Jack said.

I pulled out my phone out of boredom and scrolled through my texts with Ethan.

"Phones away please, Daniel." I glanced at Mr. Hanon and quickly put my phone away as people snickered at me and whispered, as if they'd just noticed I was in their class.

"Like anyone would text him-"

"He's so poor is that actually his phone or did he steal it?"

Funny story...

I closed my eyes. Nothing had changed, and it wouldn't.

"Look now he's gonna cry."

"Quiet please we're participating in a drill!" Mr. Hanon fired at them.

Do they have nothing better to do?

The drill ended about five minutes after I'd started zoning everyone out.

Mr. Hanon had a hard time getting everyone to pay attention to the movie again, so he just gave up and started reading a book at his desk until class ended. I walked over to the deserted library at the end of class and sat in the reading corner, leaning my head against the wall as I tried catching up on my sleep again.

Unfortunately, the world was not on my side today.

"Hey Daniel, just the guy I wanted to see." I gritted my teeth.

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