THE BILLIONAIRE'S BID #BOYXBOYby Autumn Breeze & Ezra Winn
Carter Wicker couldn't get laid even if he paid for it but . . what if someone else was paying? As payback for his best friend, Ethan Marlowe's smart remark, he did wh...
  • lgbtq
  • bxb
  • homosexual
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Finally Home (boyxboy, werewolf) by HisokaGoku-hi
Finally Home (boyxboy, werewolf)by Hisoka
Carmine Lycus was bitten by a rogue alpha when he was seven years old. His parents threw him out and he's been living on his own ever since. He hops from place to place...
  • wattpride
  • pup
  • love
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Obsession [BXB] by BL_Love
Obsession [BXB]by Wolfie
''Every time you lose...I get to claim a body part''
  • gaylove
  • badboylovestory
  • yaoinovel
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Yours for Eternity(vkook) by Ktaestarr
Yours for Eternity(vkook)by K Tae starr
Kim Taehyung was never an ordinary omega. He's special. He's strong. He's gorgeous. He never submits to anyone. Never let anyone control him. Everyone wants to own him. ...
  • kooktae
  • taetae
  • vkook
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Experiment Omega by JosephineWoodridge
Experiment Omegaby Joe
Ian adopts an abused omega from the local shelter. He means to study the omega, but becomes attached to the young boy. Soon enough, the omega's past catches up with him...
  • oddbiology
  • omega
  • gay
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Taming the Bad Boy [BxB] by BL_Love
Taming the Bad Boy [BxB]by Wolfie
A school for deliquents and somehow Sam ends up sharing the same dorm as the school's biggest bad boy. Sam doesn't fit in with the agressive students all out to cause ma...
  • yaoifluff
  • chicklit
  • malexmale
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Falling For My Exchange Brother by YOLOwriting101
Falling For My Exchange Brotherby ~❤️
"All I wanted for my birthday was a new car or maybe a few new pairs of shoes," I shake my head as I look at the thing they call a "gift","but n...
  • guyxguy
  • malexmale
  • wattys2018
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Doctors Orders (Manxman) by ana_on_fire_oww
Doctors Orders (Manxman)by Anasuya
Damien Rogers and Tristan Cooper were the kind of friends you would look at and say 'friendship goals'. From high school best friends to college room mates they had been...
  • generalfiction
  • gay
  • bestfriends
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Can I hold your gun? by Crazy-house
Can I hold your gun?by Dream Big
(Warning!!!) BxB!! I have told you so don't say I didn't. +Book 1+ Koray is a guy who has almost everything but doesn't show it off. The only family left is his best fri...
  • malexmale
  • bxb
  • gangs
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Otome?!?(BxB) by llAdnaloyll
Otome?!?(BxB)by llAdnaloyll
Chris was shocked to find himself in his younger sister's game. Chris had become one of the game's villains. How will Chris adjust himself to his new life? One question...
  • bl
  • magic
  • newworld
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Mates of a Mate (bxbxbxbxb) by blueflu
Mates of a Mate (bxbxbxbxb)by Blueflu
Logan is a small defenceless beta and he finds out he has four mates. A rouge, an alpha, a savage and a lone wolf. How will this turn out for him and his mates. How wil...
  • romance
  • bxb
  • mates
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Moonlight Desire (BoyxBoy) by Shinouji
Moonlight Desire (BoyxBoy)by Shinouji
Rylan Avery Thompson is a nerd and fat guy who wears old rounded glass. He takes a culinary course, because he has passion for cooking. He grows in an orphanage institut...
  • alpha
  • mate
  • human
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Alpha Damian (boyxboy) by blazey_waffle
Alpha Damian (boyxboy)by ғᴜᴄᴋᴇᴅ™
"Mate." His words had me frozen. His eyes seared into mine and I felt weak. Even my wolf said it, but I couldn't really believe him either. This wasn't right. ...
  • malexmale
  • property
  • lgbt
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Bundles Of Joy by Chocolate013001
Bundles Of Joyby Chocolate013001
Book One of the Bundles Series Chandler has had enough of the world deceiving him. Tricking him to believe he will be okay, then throwing another curveball at him. Being...
  • highschool
  • wattys2017
  • malexmale
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Tsundere by sluttaebear
Tsundereby ✨▶ 태국 ◀✨
Jeon Jungkook is known to be a cold, heartless and merciless man to every part of Mafia Organizations on the whole world, but just go damn soft because of a certain fluf...
  • kookv
  • taehyung
  • taekook
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The 8th Member by Voidmingyu
The 8th Memberby InFirEs mAn
You were the selected one out of the few that tried to become the new member of BTS, the 8th member. You were so excited to meet the people you look up to! But...what if...
  • bts
  • fluffandsmut
  • btsscenarios
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Broken Hope (boyxboy) by PositivelyDazed
Broken Hope (boyxboy)by PositivelyDazed
Keegan is a boy who loves affection. He's usually quite peppy and excitable, but everything in life has turned against him. He ends up locking away his emotions and maki...
  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • romance
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Hunter's Beta (mxm) by HunterAxel
Hunter's Beta (mxm)by Denver
Alpha- fearless leader stronger than any other shifter. Beta- second in command and faithful confident. Finding out that their mates proves to be less important than sto...
  • teenfiction
  • werewolf
  • beta
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On Hands & Knees (BoyxBoy One shots) by iYaoiObsessed
On Hands & Knees (BoyxBoy One iYaoiObsessed
**BoyxBoy One shots** This book contains all my dirtiest gay smut fantasies! There will be a little of everything in this book, So if you're no into Gay loveliness then...
  • oneshots
  • yaoinovel
  • yaoi
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Then there was you [BXB] by BL_Love
Then there was you [BXB]by Wolfie
When Jacob is transferred to a new school he bumps into Grey- a cold, distant boy who everyone is attracted too (including Jacob). However, as Jacob tries to catch Grey'...
  • yaoihardcore
  • yaoistory
  • gaylove
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