Chapter 21

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Ethan POV

I slowed the car down a little when we were far enough away from the school.

"Why don't you tell them what really happened?" I responded. He'd told me about the meeting. "Why don't you tell me what really happened... I know you didn't jump Daniel, it was obviously Mason." He shifted uncomfortably.

"Why do I have to tell you anything if it's so obvious?" He said, he sounded pretty annoyed. I knew it was Mason. I was gonna kill that little—

"Shit! Can you drop me off at home I forgot I'm starting at the video store today!" I was surprised at the sudden topic change and turned around, heading to his house.

"That's today? Why do you have to go home first?"

"Look at what I'm wearing— I need to show up in something a little more formal..."

"I thought they needed you next week though?"

"Yeah they called this morning before I woke you up asking if I could start earlier, apparently one of the four guys working there quit." I laughed. That didn't surprise me.

I reached to turn the radio on at the same time as Daniel and accidentally grabbed his hand. He pulled it back, his face becoming flushed.

"Sorry..." He said. I knew we were thinking of the same thing.

I can't believe you almost kissed him Ethan. No no no no no now everything is gonna be so awkward. It was silent the rest of the ride until I pulled up to his house.

"I'll be right back!" He said and quickly got out of the car and rushed into his house.

Ethan you're a dumbass.

Daniel POV

Damn it, this was my fault. We'd almost kissed it was almost too painfully awkward to be in that car. I quickly made it to my room and changed into my cleanest jeans and a button up shirt.

It was too formal but I had no time to find something better. I was about to leave when I heard my mother come in the front door. I quickly backed into my room and locked the door. She immediately made her way up to my room and tried opening it.

"Daniel, open this fucking door right now." I grabbed Ethan's clothes and put them in a plastic bag.

My mom started banging on the door trying to force it open.

"I said OPEN the DOOR!" I pulled myself out the window and jumped out.  It wasn't a high drop, I'd done it plenty of times- the brace didn't make it any easier though.

I limped to Ethan's car and hopped in.

"Awesome, let's go." I said shutting the door. He started driving to the rental store.

"I saw your mom show up."

"Yeah I left before she saw me though." I laughed.

He finally pulled up in front of the rental store and I got out, lingering next to his car, too nervous to go in. Ethan saw that I was nervous and smiled.

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