Chapter 4

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Daniel POV

After I closed the door, I stared at my phone. It doesn't mean anything. He just gave me his number cause he felt bad for scaring me... I went up to my room, and tossed my phone and backpack on my bed, then went back down to eat, pouring myself a bowl of cereal.

The door opened and I turned around seeing my mother and some beefy, black haired tattooed man walk in behind her, grinning stupidly. Both of them failed to notice me eating in the kitchen, so I clanged the spoon loudly against my bowl and dropped them both loudly in the sink.

Predictably, my mother turned around and glared at me.

"I thought you had school?" She said angrily.

"Yeah I just got back." I said casually.

"Okay, go to your room." Wow. She hadn't even put up an act to try and seem nice this time. Great. I sighed loudly and went to my room opening my backpack to start on my many missing assignments, when my mom stormed in.

"What the fuck do you think your doing?! Every time I come home your always here to make my guests uncomfortable."

Wow seriously? Why'd she have me if I was just gonna make all her 'guests' uncomfortable?

"Well maybe you should have had an abortion."

"Don't you say that to me you ungrateful little shit! I've done everything for you! After your father died I held it all together so I could take care of you! Do you have any idea how hard it is being a single mother? Of course you don't all you know how to do is fucking take you bastard!" Her face was red and her eyes were bulging, full of anger and hate. Wow, this is holding it together?

"Fuck you." I said, and pushed past her to get to the door. I had to leave.

"Don't you fucking talk to me like that!"

She ran after me, jumped in front of me and slapped me, hitting one of my many injuries. I held my face in shock and pushed her so I could get away.

"What the fuck?!" An unknown voice said angrily. I saw the man she brought with her storming angrily towards us. I tried running to the door but he yanked on the back of my hoodie, sending me sprawling to the floor. I gotta start stopping people from doing that. I heard ripping from some seams of my hoodie. He straddled my stomach and started raining punches on my already injured face, causing it to bleed pretty quickly.

"Don't ever fucking touch her again!" He screamed in my face and finally got off me. I groaned in pain and rolled over on my stomach, covering my face.

"Let's go to my room baby." My mother said in a sickly sweet voice to the man. I thought I heard concern in her voice, but my head was throbbing pretty hard that I must have imagined it. I heard footsteps leaving towards her room and slowly got in a sitting position.

"Great choice of men you got there mom." I growled to no one. I stood up, immediately getting dizzy and gripping the wall. Even though I was dizzy, I made it to the front door and started walking down the street towards the liquor store.

When I got there, I took off my hoodie, and pulled up my shirt to painfully wipe away the blood on my face. I threw the hoodie on the ground outside the liquor store and used it as a pillow as I lay down on the ground to try to sleep.

Hopefully people just think I'm homeless and leave me alone.

I felt tears run sideways down my face, stinging it as they went. Nobody would miss me if I was to just die. Sure, some people would be disappointed. Like Mason would be disappointed that he would have nobody to pick on anymore. And Mrs. Cook would be disappointed that I hadn't finished all of my assignments. But overall people would be happy. Especially my mother.

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