Chapter 27

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Daniel POV

Ethan picked me up at eight. I told him about Max inviting me to the party and he kept a neutral face, leaving me confused on what he thought.

"So...?" I said, hoping for a positive response. He looked at me, surprised.


"So should I go?" Please say yes, I already promised Max. Ethan laughed.

"Daniel, you don't have to get my permission to go to a party! If you want to- go for it, just please promise you'll tell me if there's any weird shit going on and I'll pick you up." I smiled at him,

"Will do."

"Wait- that kid Mason won't be there right? Cause if he is I'll come and beat his-"

"No, its a private school party like half an hour away I think." I said, suppressing my laughter.

"Okay, good."

"But you're welcome to come if you want?" I responded, trying to keep the hopefulness out of my voice.

"Honestly I would love to, but Ace would kick my ass if he found out I went to a high school party. I'm lucky he hasn't said anything about me hanging out with you so far." He gave an annoyed sigh. I tried not to let my disappointment show.

"Okay. No problem." He gave me a sad smile.

"I can pick you up from the party though, just send me an address." I nodded. We reached my house, and I grabbed my bag, opening the door. Ethan grabbed my arm, and I turned, surprised. He's so close.

"Don't forget to text me if anything weird happens." He grinned. I smiled back and nodded, then he let go of my arm. I got out of the car,

"See you later!" I said and went inside to get changed, the butterflies fading in my stomach.

Around forty-five minutes later, I heard honking outside the house, ran to the window and saw Max hanging out of the drivers seat of the car waving frantically at me. I laughed, then nervously walked down the stairs, trying to avoid-

"Wait." Too late. I turned.

"Hey mom." She scowled at me.

"Who's honking outside?" More honking. I cringed.

"Oh just some-" more honking "-just some friends of mine. We were going to go to the movies..." I'm gonna kill Max. She saw my lie and scowled at me, before turning back to her room and leaving me. I shrugged it off and left, walking to the drivers window of what seemed to be a new toyota highlander.

"Oh yeah Daniel are you readyyy-"

"You need to lay off the honking Max are you trying to get me murdered?" I asked, gesturing to my house. He laughed.

"Oh come on let's get this party started! Me and Angie are gonna switch seats so we can pregame in the back- oh- Angie this is Daniel, Daniel this is Angie-" he gestured to a pretty brunette sitting next to him who smiled kindly at me- "and in the backseat we have-" he looked back quickly then turned back to me, a worried look on his face- "...two of Angie's friends..."

"-Oh Max I've introduced them a thousand times!" He looked away guiltily.

"Daniel, this is Carmen and Leah, we used to go to school together," she said, and the two girls in the back gave me small waves. I smiled back awkwardly.

"Right, right I knew that, okay-" Max said as he got out of the car and hurried to the back "-one of you sit in the front so we can get going-" Leah quickly moved to the front while he got in the back, and I followed him in. Angie started driving to the highway and Max pulled out a bottle of vodka and a bottle of Coke, pouring some of each into an empty water bottle he brought with him, and spilling some in the car. Angie looked in the rearview mirror at the perfect time and saw him hastily trying to wipe the seat with his sweater.

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