Chapter 1

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Miles Heizer is Daniel :)

Daniel POV

"Wake the fuck up!" I heard my door get pounded then my mother thundered away.

The cold air blew through my window making me snuggle further into my sheets. I was just starting to doze off again when I heard her thundering footsteps leading back to my room. I angrily tossed my blanket aside and got out of bed. Can't she give me one more minute?

She threw the door open, made sure I was out of bed, then left. I grabbed my clothes and took them to the bathroom, then turned on the cold water for a shower, needing something to wake me up. I got out in less than five minutes, then pulled on my dark clothes and started my walk to school. The streets weren't alive yet, so it was pretty safe.

First class was History, with Mr. Carter. I pulled on my hoodie trying not to be noticed, walking towards the classroom.

"Hey! Faggot!"

I walked quicker.


When my dad was alive, I felt comfortable to come out to my parents at age eleven. My mom wasn't tolerant at first. She said I was too young to know, but my dad eventually talked her into accepting me. Still, the look of disappointment I saw every time she looked at me would never disappear. It was likely that she complained to other parents about my "condition" early on, because soon most of my friends and classmates knew. The only one who stayed with me was Sean. I had been bullied before for being smaller than the other kids, but now that everyone knew I was gay, it became worse. Sean was stronger than most of the bullies and their leader Mason Williams, so by the end of middle school they learned to stay away from us.

But then Sean left.

His dad got a killer job in Los Angeles, and his family moved there right before freshman year.

I had hoped that Mason and his posse would have forgotten about me in high school, which worked out okay during freshman year. Before the year ended- I'd almost made a few friends. They seemed to remember at the start of this year. As soon as Mason started paying more attention to me, the friends I thought I was making started acting like I didn't exist. I couldn't blame them. Around this time I would start to get anxiety attacks. Early in the year, Mason and his friends would just do small things, like shove the books out of my arms, or spray paint my locker, as if they were testing how far they could go without upsetting the teachers. But the teachers didn't seem to exist outside of the classroom, which Mason soon learned.

"Bitch I'm talking to you!" Mason yelled in my face. Jay and Tyler, his close friends laughed behind him. I didn't say anything, trying to zone out of what was happening.

Then Mason slapped me. Hard. I started to back up towards the classroom, but Jay tripped me. My head hit the floor painfully, instantly giving me a headache.

"Fuck" I groaned and covered my head. Tyler grabbed my arms and tore them away then Mason slapped me harder.

"We're not done with you, fag." Mason spit and they walked away to class.

I sighed in relief, savoring my moment of peace, before dread started to fill me. I'd have to find somewhere to hide during lunch. I slowly got up and walked into the classroom, a little dazed, my head throbbing. Sitting at the back of the class in the corner, I put my backpack on the desk and rested behind it until class started. Mr. Carter droned on and on about some war we were supposed to have read about last night. After history was English, which was just as boring. We were having a class discussion about Macbeth, which basically meant that the teacher sat behind his desk and daydreamed, two of the top students engaged in a heated debate with a few others sometimes chipping in, and the rest of the class passed notes and stared at the clock for an hour an a half. Then it was lunchtime, because I had a block schedule.

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