Chapter 40, 41, 42

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 Chapter 40

Justin’s Point of View:

I must have given away the fact that I was pissed and had the urge to kill someone because Kelsey noticed the moment I sat inside the car.

“Are you okay?” She questioned, worry and confusion tinted in her words.

I locked my jaw tight, trying to contain my anger inside so I wouldn’t lash out on her. Licking my lips, I turned the key into the ignition, pulling out of the driveway. “I’m fine.”

From the corner of my eye, I could see Kelsey shift uncomfortably, wanting to ask another question but she bit her tongue, not wanting to upset me.

Good girl. I inwardly thought while turning the corner, feeling my veins pump with venom.

Hanging my left arm off the steering wheel’s top, a sudden want overtook me as I leaned over to the side, digging into the glove compartment for the one thing I urged for at the moment.

Grabbing a pack of smokes, I moved back in my seat, glancing up between the box and the streets, making sure I wasn’t stupid enough to crash before fishing out a stick and my lighter out of my jacket before discarding the box to the side and lighting up the buzz.

I took a long drag of it, letting the feeling of haze take over me as it relaxed my muscles. I let out a groan of easement. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good smoke. Cracking the window open the moment I realized the air was wafted with smoke, I continued driving.

Kelsey watched from beside me intently. Her lips pulled to the side, her perfectly threaded eyebrows pulled as one in the middle. She looked as if she was contemplating something.

Sighing, I swerved the car to a stop. “What is it?” I spat.

Kelsey seemed startled by my outburst as she stared at me with wide eyes. “Nothing…”

“Don’t bullshit me, Kels.” I muttered, taking another take of my cigarette, keeping the smoke in for a while before ghosting it out.

“I’m n--”

“I said,” I began once more, my voice sour and stern. “Don’t bullshit me.” My eyes were dark as they stared into her light ones.

Gulping, she licked her lips. “I--just--” She paused, sighing frustratingly. “You seem…-”

“Just spill it out, Kelsey.” I hissed, trying hard not to let the monster in me take control.

“You seem tense, okay? Like something’s wrong with you.” Kelsey spoke all in one breath.

I pressed my lips together, staring ahead of me, noticing the countless cars driving by, the clouds above slowly moving around, the sun decaying in the sky; the darkness close to eloping the firmament above us.

The air grew thick almost instantly as the memories flooded my mind, bringing me back to the house, just before we left.

“It won’t be long before I have your girl screaming my name for more.” Jason whispered in my ear tauntingly.

My hands balled into fists as my side. It didn’t take long before I grabbed fist full’s of his shirt and pinned him against the wall harshly, his back coming in hard contact. “If I were you, I’d watch what you say.” I spat, my face just inches away from his.

Jason, instead, merely chuckled. “Your threats mean nothing to me, Bieber.”

“They should.” I hissed. “If you want to stay alive, I mean.” I grinned. “You seem to underestimate me, McCann. I’m not afraid to blow your brains out right here, right now.”

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