Chapter 1

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It was Friday night and yet again, I had nothing to do with my boring ol' life instead of watching TV or going on the computer or even checking my phone numerous times to see if anyone texted me--they didn't. Annoyed and irritated, I stood up before making my way into my boring room where yet again, I had nothing better to do.

Stuffing my body head first into the sheets of my unmade bed, I screamed into the pillow, letting the frustration out. Why couldn't I be like normal people? Huh? Is that so much to ask for? Just to be able to go out and let loose?

Then again, that isn't in my nature. I was born and raised a Christian and how to respect my body and my morals and that god is watching everything I do. Insert annoyed sigh here.

If my parents found out I went to do things that other normal teenagers do, I'd be locked in my room with a weeks (if not more) punishment which means no TV, computer or phone which basically contains all my life's desires on how to live.

So I much better lie here and mourn for the rest of my life then, well. . . Die

It were as if the gods above were hearing my mental cries to help me because almost instantly I got three text messages all saying the same thing: Block Party, tonight. Midnight at Richmond. Everyone's invited.

Feeling my insides tingle with excitement I quickly pushed myself off my bed, glancing at the time to find it to be eleven thirty. Which only gave me a good half hour to get ready and look hot. Well as hot as I could get that is. . .

I don't know why I felt this rush of adventure inside of me tonight, but I was loving it. It gave me a whole new feeling to life, to living. Even after my whole speech about what would happen to me if my parents found out. I was going to do the unthinkable. Sneak out.

Rushing into the bathroom, I quickly stripped of my clothing while running the water hot before stepping inside and letting the droplets haze me over. 

After that was done, I wrapped a towel around my body before practically sprinting across the room to my closet. Pushing past everything I had inside, I couldn't believe I haven't had at least one outfit that could look the least bit presentable at a party but then my eyes caught a glimpse of a pair of skinny jeans, white flare shirt that stopped just an inch above my stomach and a leather jacket to go on top. Yeah, definitely the outfit I was looking for. I didn't even know I owned such but I wasn't going to complain. God was on my side for once, and this time? I was going to take advantage of it.

Quickly discarding the towel to the floor, I dressed myself up in a bra and undies before slipping on the jeans shirt and jacket. Sliding on a pair of socks before slipping on my black and white slip on converse.

I looked amazing if I say so myself as I glanced at the mirror adjacent to me. I felt alive, new, fresh and boy was I loving every god damn second of it.

Now, time for the makeup I thought as I ran into the bathroom pulling out my kit as I sprawled every thing I owned, scrambling through them as I wiped a light shade of shadow on my lids before masking my face with foundation (just a few to hide any flaws) while layering my lashes with mascara. Then came the shining of my lips with lip gloss and I was good to go.

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