Chapter 6

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Running a hand frustratingly through his hair, Danger bit down on his lip to keep from spiraling out of control and breaking things. The last thing he needed was to lose his mind and have Kelsey add more onto her list of things pertaining to him. Number one being that he killed someone.

He couldn’t believe he had been so careless to have let someone see him. He was always careful with the things he did. He was never caught--ever. He did everything right and on point. He never messed up until tonight and it was eating him alive.

What if it would have been a cop walking through the forest that night instead of Kelsey? Danger couldn’t even think about what would’ve happened to him.

Of course, he would have took the blame because that was what type of person he was. He would never let his boys get in trouble for the things he did but that’s besides the point.

All he could think about was what he was going to do with Kelsey and what the guys would say once they found out about Kelsey.

Tugging at the ends of his hair, Danger was about to go back upstairs and into his room when one of the members caught sight.

“Yo, Justin!” Bruce, the head of the pack (no where as near as Justin but close) called out from the couch he was sitting on, a can of beer in his hand.

Justin cursed himself mentally as he slowly shifted to look at him. He nodded his ehad towards him as a sign that he heard and acknowledged him.

“Did you get the job done?” He took a sip out of the can, arching his brow as a sign that he was awaiting an answer.

Justin paused, debating whether he should say something or not. “Yeah, I got the job done.”

He smirked. “Good job Bieber.” Bruce nodded, impressed.

He wasn’t going to be impressed for long, that’s for sure Justin thought.

“The bum was begging for his life when Justin had him on his knees, a silver pointed to his head. Hilarious shit,” Mike piped in as he dropped his weight onto the couch a few feet from Bruce.

“That shit was hilarious.” Marco added with a grin. “He thought he could get away with not being able to pay the money. The jackass is so fucked he actually thought he had a chance to live--”

“Too bad Justin put a bullet to his head.” Dean added in while opening a can of beer and plopping himself down on the arm chair.

Justin nodded his head, smiling. He loved when he was praised and the son of a bitch he killed was shitted on. “It was a pleasure working with him,” Justin smirked as the crowd hollered in laughter.

Sarcasm was their second language, especially Justin’s.

Once the laughter died down and everyone settled on the couch except Justin, he knew now was the time to mention Kelsey. “Hey, guys?”

They all looked up, turning their full attention to him.

“There’s something I gotta tell you.” Justin pursed his lips to the side, rubbing the back of his neck as he thought of all the ways he could tell them, settling on just saying it and waiting for their reaction after. “I messed up on the job.”

Bruce’s eyebrows furrowed. “What do you mean, you messed up? You said you killed him.”

“I did,” Justin clarified.

“Then, what is it?” Marco chimed in, just as confused as the rest of them.

Justin fought the urge to roll his eyes. “Someone saw.” He muttered lowly but clear enough for all of them to hear.

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