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His Angel by smeone1234
His Angelby Unanswered being
The Italian Mafia Boss Dante Rosolo only wants one thing. Or person. He wants Adonisia Diego. What will he do to get her to fall for him. "What am I going to do wit...
Twinkle || BTS by maybeitsbutter
Twinkle || BTSby maybeitsbutter
She had just wanted attention, that's why she kept texting the strange number, updating him on everything in her life. Little did she know how dangerous this relationshi...
Owned by Him by Writingqueen1996
Owned by Himby Writingqueen1996
⚠️Graphic/Mature⚠️ If He cannot have her....then no-one can.
I Walk the Line ♤ (gxg) by complexcrimson
I Walk the Line ♤ (gxg)by gracie crimson
This book is available in a physical format on Amazon. Please click the link in my bio to access it :) ♤ She remembered her scent. It seemed to verify her aura. Her scen...
Forgotten Falls. (Gravity Falls AU) by MidnightViolex
Forgotten Falls. (Gravity Falls AU)by Marcus
Mabel and Dipper Pines. The two mystery twins of Gravity Falls. Sent to live there with their Great Uncle Stan at the young age of 1 after their parents, Alexander and E...
Kidnapped And Diapered  by Diaper_Lover_Boy
Kidnapped And Diapered by Diaper_Lover_Boy
Jake is just a normal guy in his early twenties. Normal house, normal job, normal diet. One day he takes the wrong way. Let's just say it doesn't end well...
Caught and Released by Samseahorse8
Caught and Releasedby Sam
Daniel gets abducted and then rescued. AKA I needed a fluffy abduction story so I wrote a fluffy abduction story! Feel free to comment! I would love to know what you guy...
Abduction by jessica06230
Abductionby jessica06230
14 year old Nevaeh (ne-vay-ah) is forced to move in with her moms boyfriend who's sickening rich. But when her and her mom go shopping at a store called, 'Persian', she...
Invasion (boyxboyxboy) by Naturalin
Invasion (boyxboyxboy)by Naturalin
The aliens have arrived and Sylvester is at the right place at the right time. Warning: this book is rated 18+ and is for mature audiences only.
Lunatic by OHrielyy
Lunaticby Mariel D. Bulawit
He's Tyler. He has a certain mental illness that makes him think that what he does is utterly right. He kills women to 'save' them. He's been the cause of death of too m...
Turn for the Worst by starchild10
Turn for the Worstby starchild10
Emma Swan's life is as normal as can be until a night out with her friends leads to her abduction by a stranger. Held against her will by a maniac and his family, Emma h...
The Don by shawdss
The Donby shawdss
Read to find out how Kiara Dawnes goes from a waitress in Los Angeles to the Queen of an empire and what her future holds.
Broken to be Sold by writingpterodactyl
Broken to be Soldby Brooke
Emma Smith's life is hard. Her family is in a constant state of failing. Whether they can't pay the bills or they're not home enough, there's always something. Emma doe...
Wanted by alwayslouxo
Wantedby Brooke Shields
Louis Tomlinson, 1/5th of One Direction, finds himself in trouble when he is taken hostage by a wanted criminal who has escaped prison and is on the run from the law.
Divinity ✔ by CaitSarai
Divinity ✔by Caitlin
[Completed] Corrine Adara has a secret so vital that if anyone were to find out, her and her entire family would be executed immediately. As a result, she lives in hidin...
Taken by ItsTaaron
Takenby Taaron
"Love? Do you know what Ddlg is?" - - - A story in which 22 year old Cassie Valentina is taken from everything she knows by a man she only met for a split sec...
Stolen by BillieJay3
Stolenby Billie Jay
My name is Jade. I was kidnapped and given as a gift. Like a pet. A gift meant to mend the bond between a father and son. But before his son knew I even existed, I was...
Slave to the Beast by JuliaEsho
Slave to the Beastby JuliaEsho
Humans lived peacefully and in harmony with each other. That was until earth got raided and all human girls between the ages of 18 to 30 were taken as slaves for what th...
The Abductor Hotelier EBS 4 (UNEDITED) by MsDreamerGirl84
The Abductor Hotelier EBS 4 (UNEDI...by MsDreamerGirl84
Warning: For mature readers only (18+). COMPLETED They started out rough. He took everything in a businesslike manner. He thought he could get her with his arrogant smir...