Chapter 26

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I didn’t even realize I had drifted off to sleep until I opened my eyes and saw that it was now almost half past five (due to the sun setting just outside the small window in the room).

I nearly forgot that I was tied down to a chair when I tried to stretch and my back arched. It wasn’t until I looked down at myself that I realized I was no longer on a chair. Instead, I was surprised to find myself tied to a bed instead.

How the hell did I now end up here?

Shuffling, I pulled at my wrists only to see that they were tightly pressed against the bed posts with a rope wrapped around them.

I hissed in pain when I felt the ropes dig into my skin. I groaned in distress, wanting nothing more than to get away from here.

Why do these things always happen to me? Does God really hate me that much?

I felt my stomach plummet to the ground from the worry that began to eat me alive. Was I ever going to get out of here? Was I going to die? Will I be able to see my parents one more time? Will I ever get to see Dennis, Carly or even Justin again?

The tears resurfaced as I sniffled, blinking back the salty substance that begged to escape. There was no way in hell I was going to show these bastards weakness.

Turning my head, I winced at the sting that penetrated from my cheek and neck due to the deep cuts. They felt as if they were on fire. I couldn’t help but bite my lip to keep from letting out a piercing screech.

Fluttering my eyes closed, I decided it’d be best if I let myself fall asleep one more time. Maybe time would move by quicker that way.

The second I calmed myself down, I nearly jumped out of my skin the second I heard the door slam open and the bastard from before came walking in, that same smirk on his face.

If I weren’t scared before, I was definitely terrified now.

“Look who’s awake fellas,” I heard that same annoying taunting voice speak up. The same voice that belonged to the guy who put me here in the first place. The one who swore he’d do whatever he wanted to me.

I gulped down hard.

“Seems like Bieber’s girl here is ready for a little fun. What do you guys think? Do you think she’s ready?” He smirked disgustingly making me fight the urge to throw up.

They all howled like pigs.

I tugged at the ropes once more. “Get me out of these things.” I hissed bitterly.

He chuckled. “No can do baby, I’m going to have my fun with you.” He rubbed his hands together while licking his lips.

“Hey Andrew, do you have the video camera?” He grinned down at me as my eyes widened.

Video camera? For what?

“Yeah man, it’s right here.” I turned to see him hold it up in the air, a look of pleasure on his face.

If I weren’t tied down, I would have knocked him in his face right then and there.

He turned around, walking over to him. “Thanks man,” He grabbed it from him.

“Anytime Luke.”

I felt my throat dry and my brain swirl in confusion. Luke? The one from the diner? My stomach dropped. That’s how he seemed so familiar to me. He was the guy Justin despised. He was the one who stabbed Justin.

And that’s why they took me. That’s how they knew I know Justin.

Fuck my life.

“You’re Luke?” I whispered more to myself then anyone else but I seemed to have spoken louder because he turned to me with that knowing smirk on his lips.

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