Chapter 63 *LAST CHAPTER*

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Justin’s Point of View:

“Alright,” Bruce clapped his hands together, letting out a much needed breath as he wiped his face clean of perspiration.

We all had been working on the final showdown between me and Luke for the past five hours without any breaks and to say that we were tired was an understatement. We were completely exhausted.

“We’ve got everything settled now all we have to do is run through it all and make sure it’s perfect. We can’t have ourselves fucking up.” Bruce looked at all three of us, his eyes lingering on me for a while before speaking up once more. “Luke picked the time and place, he knows what he’s doing. We just have to make sure we’re one step ahead of him.”

“How can we do that if we don’t even know what he’s got planned?” Marcus questioned, drowsiness mixed with determination evident in his tone of voice. “I mean, if he picked the place, who’s to say he won’t come out guns blazing?”

I scoffed, shaking my head. “He’s not as stupid as we think. He knows what he’s doing for the most part; he’s not idiotic enough to do that.”

“Listen, we don’t know what he’s capable of. For all we know this could all be a setup. We have to be careful that nothing goes wrong…” Marco exclaimed, putting his two cents in as he voiced his own thoughts.

Before I had the chance to say something, Bruce beat me to it. “—which is why we’re settling it now. We’ve gone through this plan a million times, it’s foolproof. We just have to be positive we do it according to plan.”

I nodded, lacing my fingers together and sitting forwards, my elbows rested on my knees. “He’s right.”

“Of course I am.” Bruce smirked, playfully dusting his shoulders off causing me to roll my eyes.

“Let’s not get cocky now.” I chuckled, licking my lips and focusing back on the task at hand once more. “Now, let’s run by this one more time.” I nodded towards Bruce who honorably did the talking.

“Okay, once we arrive, we stand head to head. I’m assuming he’ll already be waiting for us so we wait for him to come out. Once that’s over and done with, we talk, let him trash us all he wants because by the time we get started, he’ll be begging on his knees for us to stop.”

I smirked, rubbing my hands together. Just to know I’ll finally be able to get the fucker back for all the bullshit he put me and Kelsey through was pumping me up for what was to come later tonight.

I was finally going to get my revenge.


“We’ve got all the guns stashed down in the basement. Justin you’ve got yours on lock in the container which I’m assuming you’ll be using?” Bruce raised his eyebrow at me.

I firmly nodded. “When don’t I use that thing?” I laughed.

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