Chapter 3

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God really had other plans for me tonight because I had no intentions of this all happening. All I wanted was to hang out with Carly and have some fun for once but no, god forbid I do anything without getting all the luck I never had sucked out of me. Yes I said no luck, hence why my life is the way it is.

It took me a while to put the pieces together on what just happened. The shock jolted through my veins the second I saw the blood dripping from the head of the guy that collapsed onto the floor, his body completely drained from life. Feeling my stomach twist in horror, I bit my lip, my hand instinctively falling to my mouth as I tried hard not to scream.

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move nor could I tear my eyes away from the sight in front of me. My knees felt like jelly and my feet felt as if they had been cemented onto the muddy ground I stood on.

All I could do in this moment was curse my life out to its fullest. At least that way, I’m quiet and I can already curse what’s been cursed.

Hearing the shuffling of the leaves and commotion, I had finally looked up in time to see danger look my way, his eyes unreadable and instantly fear took over me.

My throat went dry as I began shaking my head, wanting to tell him that I didn’t see anything but that didn’t work as he quickly whispered a few things to the guys around him before he skimmed his way to me without anyone noticing. I had debated on whether or not I should run or something but I didn’t want to risk dying. At least not now.

Snaking his arm around my waist, I gasped as he threw me over his shoulder. It all happened so quickly, I couldn’t process what had just happened until he threw me in the passenger side of what looked like his car.

If I was scared before I was definitely terrified now.

Not knowing what to do, I just sat there, unmoving as my eyes glanced around looking at anything that could cause danger to my life. A knife maybe? A bomb? Another gun perhaps? But nothing came to view. Letting out a breath of relief, it quickly vanished once the door next to me opened and in sat danger himself.

He didn’t look too pleased.

Without a word being spoken, he started the car before zooming out of the area it was parked in and that was when my body jerked and my brain started working. “Where are you taking me? Are you gong to kill me? Oh god, I don’t want to die. . .” I mumbled in discomfort as the thought flooded my brain. My body cut to pieces and left in the woods for no one to find. . .

“Be quiet, will ya?” He snapped at me, his voice dripping with bitterness causing me to abruptly stop and shut up.

I felt the tension in the car as I began fumbling with my fingers, biting my lip so I wouldn’t say anything more but I couldn’t help it. I needed to know what was going on. “Hey, uhm, danger?” I mentally slapped myself at how stupid I just sounded. “Dude, whatever your name is. Sorry to burst your bubble or anything but I really need to get home. It’s late as it is, and when my parents find out I snuck out, I will die. Literally.”

All I received from him was a chuckle which caused me to furrow my brows in confusion. “What’s so funny?”

“You,” He kept glancing at his side mirror, a smirk on his lips as he turned my way for just a second before turning his head back to the road in front of him.

“Me?” I scratched my neck awkwardly. “What about me?”

“You’re in a car with someone you just saw commit murder yet all you can think about is getting in trouble. . . By your parents?” He looked at me now, his full attention sprinted towards me as I gulped the ball of saliva forming in the pit of my throat.

“Uhm, well, you see, my parents are far more scarier than you buddy. Trust me, when I say, you got nothing on them when it comes to scaring someone. Besides you clearly have your reasons to what you do and that’s fine. I don’t care as long as I stay alive. But that wont happen if my parents find out I’m gone.”

“You are one confusing chick, let me tell you.” He laughed as he shuffled in his seat, looking at the side mirror once more.

“Yeah well you aren’t one easy walk on the park either.” I muttered under my breath as I tucked my hand under my chin before propping my elbow on the arm rest.

“You don’t even know me,” He protested.

“I know enough and saw enough to know you spell trouble.” I admitted as I bit in the inside of my cheek.

“I’m guessing you heard about me then?” He cocked a brow as I turned to face him.

“Yep, more than I wanted to. Believe me,” I put my free hand up as I shook my head before laying it back down on my lap.

“And you believe them?” He pursed his lips, his eyes on the road now as he swerved to another lane. He kept his right hand holding the bottom of the steering wheel, as his left arm hung off the top, practically moving it as he dug his hand into the pocket of his leather jacket.

“No. . .” I flashed back to the argument I had with Carly back at the party. But then again, I did see him kill someone . . .

“Good,” He pulled out a pack of cigarettes now, popping the top open as he slid a cigarette out, layering it between his lips before lighting it up. He threw the box back into his pocket. “Because I’m sure the truth is far more worse.” He blew out a perfect ring of smoke.

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