Chapter 31, 32, 33, 34, 35

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Chapter 31

Justin's Point of View:

Closing Kayla’s door behind me, I chuckled to myself as I heard Kayla still raging on about what I had done to her.

It wasn’t my fault. The bitch deserved it.

“You will pay for this Bieber!” She screamed. “I swear to God, you will!”

I ignored her, shaking my head as I walked down the stairs and over to the guys who immediately stopped talking and turned to look at me.

“So?” Bruce stood. “Did you do it? Did you get the shipment?”

I nodded my head, pulling the packet from behind me before chucking it across the room at him which he caught in one firm grip.

“Nice job, Bieber.” He nodded his head approvingly. “How did you do it?”

I smirked, remembering back to the night’s previous events.

“How could I turn down such a sexy girl like yourself?” I growled lowly, my fingers groping her sides as I pulled her in closer, my face nuzzling its way into her hair as I began pushing her back towards the bed.

She bit her lip, grabbing onto my shirt as she placed a sloppy kiss on my jaw. “I don’t know but if you make it worth my while, I promise, I’ll give you the shipment.” She made an in for my lips but I quickly dodged her, pressing my lips to her neck instead.

The guys owe me big time for this.

The moment the back of her knees hit the bed, she fell backwards, pulling me on top of her. I positioned myself so that I pushed my weight off of her. Leaning down, I pressed several kisses on her neck, moving down to her chest.

She moaned, digging her fingers into my hair and pulling me in closer to her body.

I groaned to satisfy her needs. I needed to make her think I was really getting into this. The bitch couldn’t suspect a thing.

“Justin…” She gasped the moment she felt my teeth tugging on her skin. “Oh my God…” She moaned loudly.

I prayed to God that Kelsey didn’t hear her. The last thing I needed was for my girlfriend to wake up hearing moans coming from down the hall.

I pulled away from her, moving up so that my face hovered over hers. “I missed this.” I bit my lip, looking her over.

She let out a breath. “Me too.” Grasping the back of my neck, she pulled me down so my lips would meet hers but like I had previously done, I moved away.

There was no way I was going to kiss her.

I was done playing games with her and this was the last time I’d let something like this ever happen again.

Kelsey meant everything to me now and I wasn’t one to cheat. Especially when I had a girl like Kelsey on my side.

I could feel it in my heart that I was turning soft for her and that was something I never thought could happen.

Ever since Jen fucked me over, I had no trust in the female population and then she came into my life and showed me that if I looked really close, there were some people left out there that were trustworthy and even though I had met Kelsey under un-normal circumstances, I’m glad she walked into the forest and saw me kill Parker.

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