Wet Dreams by Anonymous_Acro
Wet Dreamsby Anonymous_Acro
A collection of sex stories. Please let me know if you have any requests and I'll be updating shortly. Chapter 1: Kim is a very horny girl. She always dreams about her...
  • dreams
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  • sexy
His Toy → my psycho master by havee_vlyn
His Toy → my psycho masterby çøffęə
"She's my toy, not yours." "Touch her, i'll hurt you." "Hurt her, i'll kill you." "Take her away from me, i'll burry you alive." ...
  • romance
  • love
  • sextoy
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Kidnapped By Vampires by JakaiiMBrooks
Kidnapped By Vampiresby JakaiiMBrooks
This is a BTS FF) y/n is at home alone.......but what happens when a group of gangsters rob and kidnap her. Will she maybe.... fall for one?
  • remembertoread
  • sextoy
Chỉ vì tôi rất yêu em.♥️♥️ by user01513118
Chỉ vì tôi rất yêu em.♥️♥️by
Đây là truyện mình viết lần thứ 2 Các bạn có muốn thử xem một cậu truyện tình yêu sóng gió . Đây là truyện tranh gay cấm đọc nhé. Mời các bạn xem truyện vui vẻ, có gì bì...
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Alsina's Sex Toy by AyishaDiaz_
Alsina's Sex Toyby appetizer😏
{{{{{RATED R}}}}} 17 year old Ayisha Diaz was kidnapped by 25 year old Mel Alsina to be use as a sexy toy for him and his trap Niggas's But to be help by 19 year old Aug...
  • missing
  • body
  • blunts
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Addicted to you by PinkPrincessJinnie04
Addicted to youby PinkPrincessJin04
There isn't one if you are a curious person like me then it is likely you will be reading this. Don't worry I am making sure every chapter has no spelling mistakes(pet p...
  • taehyung
  • jungkook
  • chaos
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Suvi and Artemis Ryder  by speedygonzalez98
Suvi and Artemis Ryder by Speedygonzalez98
After claiming meridian control Artemis received an email
  • masseffect
  • sextoy
  • suvi
Lucy Heartfilia is new to the small, quaint beach town Fairy Tail Lagoon. She accidentally gets herself into the (in their eyes) best club to ever do it "Fairy Girl...
  • juvia
  • gajevy
  • sextoy
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( 12 chòm sao đam mĩ ) Nô lệ by VirGoXxXnA
( 12 chòm sao đam mĩ ) Nô lệby Lưu Yên Yên
Hoàng Nhiên Xử Nữ là trẻ mồ côi, được cô chú nhận lại lúc 6 tuổi. Nhưng cách đây 5 năm, tức là lúc cậu 11 tuổi, công ty của chú phá sản, buộc phải nương tựa vào người bạ...
  • nhấtthụđacông
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Sold  KTH+JJK by vamziee
Sold KTH+JJKby In_need_of_holywater
A story were jeon jungkook is sold as a sex toy to kim taehyung (a hot ceo) top tae bttm kook
  • jungkook
  • taehyung
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Sex toy|| Frerard  by spookyLen
Sex toy|| Frerard by spookyLen
"Baby, this isn't wonderland" • ??✨
  • kidnapped
  • gerardway
  • frerard
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mindless behaviors sex slave by jada_misfit
mindless behaviors sex slaveby jada jayla perez
what happens when yn gets a job at the most popular boy group mindless behavior will she just be there to get used as an sex slave ? will she fall in love with one of th...
  • sextoy
  • mindlessbahvior
  • fiction
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Vampire slave (sextoy) by booknerdh
Vampire slave (sextoy)by booknerdh
  • sextoy
  • vampire
  • vampiresslave
Sex Shop - Taekook [Lemon] by Kookie_and_Cream
Sex Shop - Taekook [Lemon]by Kookie_and_Cream
Jungkook, 19 ans, travaille dans un sex shop, est en couple avec Taehyung (21 ans) et a des besoins sexuel. Et son petit-ami qui travaille lui aussi dans un sex shop, va...
  • sextoy
  • jimin
  • taehyung
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When You Loved Me by QueenSarBear
When You Loved Meby Queen_Sarah
It's been Liza and Joe, Joe and Liza, even before the agreement. But even after, Liza loves Joe more than anything. But does Joe love Liza? (Coming up with a better desc...
  • love
  • daddykink
  • abuse
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New Country, New Rules by socrateschurch
New Country, New Rulesby Abby D. Em
The year is 2037. America has a new leader. There's new laws, and with that, new punishments. Every American resident between the ages of 13 and 20 will be subjected to...
  • michaelclifford
  • ashtonirwin
  • newworld
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SEX TOY ♠ VKOOK by CappuccinoEun
SEX TOY ♠ VKOOKby Alexa Chow
"You're my SEX TOY?" What does it mean? From a boy who was pure became "dirty" because of one reason... From a boy who was in pain because of his p...
  • taehyung
  • bangtanboys
  • j-hope
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One Night Stand by nighttlightt
One Night Standby Jameriie Blow Shells
Victoria was doing the walk of shame around five in the morning. It was blue and the sun was coming up. She needed to run, or someone might see her in last night clothe...
  • nipple
  • hot
  • romance
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The Mafia's Plaything by aspenoparker
The Mafia's Playthingby Aspen O. Parker
He trails his fingers up my thigh, leaving me breathless. I feel my core tighten as his left hand takes a handful of my ass, and his right pulls at my nipple. Suddenly...
  • love
  • ddlgbdsm
  • ddlg
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Katrina: The Sex Slave by spgwriter69
Katrina: The Sex Slaveby Mae
  • toy
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  • threesome
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