Chapter 8, 9 & 10

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I hate my life.

Right when I finally got my freedom back , I had it taken away from me once more by, this time, my parents.

To think I’d finally get a break and just forget this whole day even happened, something like getting caught by my parents had to happen.

I swear, I have a problem not being able to hide myself well. First, Justin saw me and now my parents caught me sneaking in.

F. M. L.

And now you’re probably wondering what happened and well, to keep it short and simple, let’s just say . . . I’m in a lot of shit.

“Where have you been young lady?”

Those words rang through my ears repeatedly causing my stomach to drop to the floor. Closing my eyes tight, I cursed myself mentally. Peaking one eye open, I turned to see my parents seated on the couch with their night wear still on.

I inwardly kicked myself in the face. “I, well,” I paused. “You see . . . It’s a pretty funny story.” I chuckled lightly, trying to ease the tension but it didn’t seem to work.

Instead their faces grew even harder with anger. “Oh?” My mom tucked an eyebrow up to the roof of her forehead. “Enlighten us.” She laced her fingers together on top of her now crossed legs.

I bit my lip, turning my eyes over to my dad, who is usually the easiest to talk to.

He gave me a pointed look, waving his hand in my direction. “Go on, your mother and I are waiting.”

I bit the inside of my cheek. So much for thinking he’d help me out of this one.

Taking a deep breath, I racked my brain for a lie I could tell them. It’s not like I could tell them the truth. I’d be dead in the matter of five seconds if I did. Besides, I gave my word that I wouldn’t. “I was at Carly’s house.”

My mothers face eased a bit but still remained to look fierce with anger. “And what were you doing at Carl’s late at night?” She pestered.

I licked my lips. “She needed a friend to talk to mom. Her boyfriend broke up with her and she needed comfort.”

Not a bad lie. Let’s see if she believes it.

“I see,” She ran a hand through her hair. “And since when did Carly have a boyfriend?”

“For a month now. You guys just never got to see him yet, Carly was planning for everyone to meet him when he broke up with her before she could.”

I swear, I should win an Emmy for this. I’m just way too good.

“Why couldn’t her comforting wait until the morning? I understand she’s a friend--”

“Best friend.” I corrected.

He rolled his eyes. “I understand she is your best friend but to run off in the middle of the night? How careless could you be Kelsey? We raised you better than this.” He shook his head in disappointment.

“You could have gotten kidnapped, or, worse,” My mother threw her arms in the air .”Killed!” She shrieked.

Oh the irony of this all.

“Mom,” I sighed. “Carly lives like a few blocks away. It’s not like she lives on the other side of town! Besides, I ran. So there was no chance anyone could even take me, even if they wanted to.”

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