Chapter 37

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Kelsey’s Point of View:

Was I going remotely insane or did Justin just say he loved me back?

I paused, licking my lips. “What did you just say?” I whispered.

He softly smiled, running his fingers through my hair. “I said I love you too.”

I couldn’t help but mimic his smile.

Everything in my life just took a turn for the better and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

For a while I felt this pull towards Justin that I could never put my finger on. I didn’t know what it was but something in me pointed towards the direction of love. I didn’t listen to myself though. I guess I was just too stubborn to.

“You know,” Justin laced his fingers through mine.

I glanced up, my eyes locking with his.

“I never thought this would happen. After all the bullshit that happened with Jen, I thought for sure everything in my life was set. That I’d go on with only myself to worry about. I didn’t have to worry about some bitch or the trouble of being in a relationship…”

I frowned a bit at his words.

The last thing I wanted was for him to feel tied down or that he was in a forced relationship.

Upon noticing this, Justin squeezed my hand. “But then you came and showed me why I should open up again and I’m glad I did. You give me a purpose. It isn’t just about the guys anymore, I have someone else in my life that makes life worth living.”

I bit my lip, feeling my cheeks heat up almost instantly, his words hitting home.

“But, you have to know,” He perched himself up on his elbow, staring down at me both solemnly and seriously. “Now that you’re in a relationship with me, things will be different from here on.”

I pursed my lips. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that my life isn’t necessarily safe as you could already tell. I have enemies that will do anything and everything to bring me and the guys down even if that means going after the people I love.”

I gulped, shifting my gaze elsewhere.

“If you thought what Luke did to you was bad, you haven’t seen the worse yet.”

I shifted in bed, not knowing what to say.

“Hey,” He thumbed my chin gently. “I won’t let anything happen to you. Alright?”

I looked into his eyes before nodding.

I know he would keep me safe. He’s done it one too many times before, I have more than enough faith and trust in him.

“Despite my dangerous lifestyle, I love you and I will do anything to protect you. You’re a part of my life now which means you’re under my wing. The guys have your back too. They won’t let anyone hurt you either.”

I smiled softly.

“But, you also have to know that being in a relationship with me also means that there are some things that you can’t know. Business wise.”

I nodded. “I understand.”

“So when I tell you to leave the room, you leave. Alright?”

I nodded once more. “Gotcha.”

“And when you’re in the same room with us, you don’t ask questions nor do you say a word about what you’ve seen that includes telling Carly anything.”

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