Chapter 24

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Justin’s Point of View:

Is the bitch insane?

How the fuck can she just get into the car of a fucking stranger?

Is she stupid?

My guess here is that she is.

I began pacing the parking lot, trying to keep myself together before I officially lose it. If you thought I lost it before, you haven’t seen the way I am now.

I’m as close as to murder someone just for the hell of it because of all this stress I have built inside of me.

Where the hell was Kayla when you needed her?

Focus Justin, focus. I mentally scolded myself while rubbing at the base of my neck.

She didn’t even know who he was. I mean, if she did, she would have gotten in the car first hand but she stood there for a good five minutes. Hell, even if she did know him, she shouldn’t have ran off like that.

He must have said something to her…

I mean, there’s no other explanation as to why she would just run off with some unknown guy.

God damn it. How careless could she be?

I kicked the tire of a car that didn’t belong to me while inwardly groaning. I probably looked like some mental sociopath but at this moment I didn’t give a fuck. Kelsey went off in a car with someone I didn’t know.

The car didn’t even look the slightest bit familiar and I couldn’t see anything due to the tinted windows.

Oh, fuck.

I cursed my life to its fullest as I began trudging over to where I parked my car. There was no way in hell I was just going to let her drive off with some stranger and not run after her.

I’d be a fool if I did.

Once I found my range rover, I threw the door open, getting inside and immediately turning it on.

Something inside of me told me that Kelsey wasn’t in good hands and I wasn’t going to wait around to see what’ll happen.

I’ll find her. If it’s the last thing I do.

Pulling out of the slot, I zoomed out of the parking lot and down the street in the same direction the car Kelsey got inside of went.

It wasn’t until I reached the end of the street, that I realized that I didn’t exactly see where the damn car went after this.

Throwing together a new profound string of curse words, I made a quick U-Turn where I began driving back to my place.

Exceeding the speed limit, I prayed that there were no cops around to stop me because I didn’t have time for them at this point.

Realizing that it’d be smart to call the guys to know I’m coming a head of time and to be ready, I slipped out my blackberry out of the pocket of my jeans. Dialing the number, I pressed the phone to my ear while I turned onto another street.

“Hello?” John’s raspy voice filtered through the speaker on my phone.

“Hey man, listen, I need you and the guys to get the equipment together. We need to track something or should I say someone down.” I turned another corner.

“What for man?” I could tell he already began to do as I said because I heard shuffling from the other end of the phone.

“Just do it. I’ll tell you when I get to the house. Alright?” I frantically spoke.

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