Chapter 55-57

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Justin’s Point of View:

“You’re cute when you’re nervous.” Kelsey cooed through the phone and I could just imagine her smirking to herself after she said that.

I groaned, “I am not nervous babe.” I scowled throwing a ball up in the air before catching it in my hands, repeating the process, my phone placed in between my shoulder and ear.

“You don’t have to lie to me; I know my parents can be pretty intimidating. It’s fine to be nervous.”

“For the tenth time babe, I am not nervous.” I hissed impatiently.

Kelsey merely giggled. “Whatever you say, just be yourself and make sure you look appropriate.”

I scoffed, rolling my eyes. “Be myself? So you want me to bring my gun?” I forced a chuckle. “And what’s wrong with the way I dress?”

No,” She stressed, sighing. “I don’t want you to bring your gun.” There was a pause in which she probably ran her fingers through her hair like she always did in situations like this. “And you dress like a thug, Justin.”

I nearly choked on my spit. “A thug?”

“Yep,” She said while popping the ‘p’ for effect. “Not that I don’t find  your whole badass look hot or anything because I do but my parents won’t like it if you came in with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and leather jacket. “We’re going out for dinner; show them how you’re just like everyone else.”

“But I’m not like everyone else.”

Obviously,” Kelsey emphasized. “I know you’re not but you have to at least try and act like you’re an everyday kinda guy. Show them that they have nothing to worry about.”

I sighed, squeezing my eyes tightly together. “You’re making this really difficult babe.”

“No, I’m not you’re just too lazy to dress up.”

I chuckled, knowing she was right.

“I’m not saying you have to wear a suit, Justin. Just look presentable.”

I nodded though once I realized she couldn’t see me, I quickly replied back. “Alright.”

“Thank you.”

“Anything for you babe”

I looked up in time to see the guys walk into the living room. Sitting up, I tossed the ball aside, grabbing my phone into my left hand, before turning my attention back to Kelsey, clapping hands with each of them with my right.

“Alright, well, unfortunately for me, I gotta go do my homework. I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, see you.” I sighed.

“Love you.”

“Love you too.” Pulling the phone from my ear, I ended the call.

“Kelsey?” Bruce questioned, pointing over at the phone with his eyebrows raised.

I nodded, letting out a deep breath.

Marcus chuckled. “What’s wrong Bieber? She’s not listening to have sex with you?”

I shot my head over to his direction, glaring. “No, you idiot.” I spat. “I have to meet her parents tonight.”

“Ohhh,” Bruce hissed, signifying he felt my pain. “You gotta meet the parents huh? Good luck. You’re gonna need it.”

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